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Economic outlook and the impact on franchising 14th May 2020

May 2020 - Westpac’s latest Quarterly Economic Overview suggests that Covid-19 will cast a shadow over the economy for years, but that recovery will be faster than after the GFC. What impact will this have on franchising?

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Facing redundancy? The pros and cons of buying a franchise 12th May 2020

April 2020 - Redundancy could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you, but don't rush into anything. Here are some tips on what to look for if you're considering buying your own business

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From stress to success 12th May 2020

V.I.P. provides the tools, training and support to help you start a new life

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Helping franchisees #10 – The rise of online shopping 12th May 2020

In the last of our lockdown case studies, we talk to InXpress about the impact of Covid-19, and the impact of the growth of online shopping

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Helping franchisees #9 – taking social responsibility 11th May 2020

With all sorts of businesses facing unprecedented times, how are big franchisors helping both their franchisees and the wider community? We talk to one of New Zealand’s best-known brands (and least-known franchisors), Anchor

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Survey shows need for action on commercial leases; is NZ First blocking Government approach?? 10th May 2020

10 May 2020 – Updated: NZ First said to be blocking Government action on commercial rents; new survey reveals extent of problem

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Download a free contact tracing register 1st May 2020

As the nation’s businesses get back to work this week under Alert Level 3, CrestClean has produced some handy free resources to help them keep compliant. The franchise has taken the Government’s guidelines to design a Contact Tracing Register plus some useful signage. They are the basic signage requirements to equip premises to trade under Alert Level 3. You can print these highly visible aids to assist your organisation’s compliance; they are available to download here from the CrestClean website.


Redundancy – time to be your own boss? 29th April 2020

April 2020 – Facing redundancy? Simon Lord discusses the pros and cons of buying a franchise

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PM promises action on commercial rents 29th April 2020

29 April 2020 – Jacinda Ardern has responded to requests from business and industry groups for Government action to bring landlords to the negotiating table 

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Helping franchisees through Covid-19 - case studies and further information 24th April 2020

How does being part of a franchise help when the unthinkable happens and the whole country goes into lockdown? We’ve been finding out what franchisors are doing for their franchisees.

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Associations present united front on commercial leases 23rd April 2020

24 April 2020 – Business and industry groups including the Franchise Association are requesting Government action to bring landlords to the negotiating table

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Helping franchisees #7 – Preparing to Re-open 22nd April 2020

How are franchisors helping their franchisees prepare to re-open once we move down from Level 4? BurgerFuel has been working on it from the start of lockdown – we asked them to tell us how they’ve approached a situation no-one ever expected

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Relief for businesses - updated 22nd April 2020


Helping franchisees #6 – Home & Building Services 20th April 2020

When you’re running a small business, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to plan ahead. One of the benefits of being a franchisee can be that your franchisor has done that for you. We talk to Tony Burnette of Exceed about being prepared and how it’s paid off

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Helping franchisees #5 – the Banker’s View 17th April 2020

Westpac’s Franchise Team has been working with franchisors and franchisees throughout New Zealand to find practical solutions to the cashflow crisis caused by Covid-19

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Small business support inadequate, says FANZ 17th April 2020

17 April 2020 - FANZ demands consultation, more action to support small business

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Helping franchisees #4 – Business & Commercial 16th April 2020

How are franchisors helping their franchisees during the current Covid-19 crisis? In the fourth article in this series, we talk to Pukeko Rental Managers

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Helping franchisees #3 – Childcare & Education  15th April 2020

In the third of our lockdown series looking at what franchisors are doing to help their franchisees, we talk to pre-school educators Just Kidz

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Burger King in receivership 14th April 2020

The Burger King master franchisee in New Zealand has been placed into receivership, but is seeking support from suppliers and landlords and working on a plan to re-open after the lockdown. Burger King has around 80 restaurants which have been closed during lockdown. All stores are company-owned rather than being operated by individual franchisees. The Franchise Association has been calling on Government to take action to encourage landlords to play their part in helping businesses survive.


Helping franchisees #2 – Cafés & Restaurants 13th April 2020

In this second case study in our new series looking at how franchisors are helping their franchisees during lockdown, we talk to The Coffee Club

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Helping franchisees #1 – Home Services 9th April 2020

A special series looking at how franchisors are helping their franchisees during lockdown. In this first case study, we talk to V.I.P. Home Services

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Listen to RNZ interview about franchising 6th April 2020

Franchising employs more than 120 thousand people, and 74,000 are permanent full time workers. RNZ's Kathryn Ryan talks about the situation of franchisors and franchisees with Callum Floyd, chair of the Franchise Association, Brad Jacobs, who owns and operates The Coffee Club in New Zealand, and franchisee Joe Southon, who owns and operates two Carpet Court stores and the Floor Store in Thorndon. Listen here.


BBC says NZ in top 5 countries to bounce back 6th April 2020


FANZ lobbies Government re. landlords' attitudes 3rd April 2020

3 April 2020 -The Franchise Association has issued an open letter to Government regarding the attitudes taken by some landlords, especially mall owners, towards leases and rents during the current crisis. The letter urges the Government to grant some form of rent relief to all tenants of commercial leases, noting that the Australian Government has already taken action. Read the letter here.

"We are receiving regular reports that even the largest and highest profile shopping centre landlords, who have charged very high rent for years, are threatening legal action for unpaid rent as soon as the next day after the rent was due.

Many franchisees have no ability to generate income while their premises are inaccessible. They are simply unable to afford to pay. In a very short period of time, this will lead to mass cancellations of leases and loss of businesses as well as other assets owned personally by franchisees, such as the family home.

In some cases, the franchisor holds all head leases and then sub-leases to franchises. The refusal of landlords to negotiate will also lead to the closure of some key New Zealand franchised brands with an enormous cost to the thousands of families who rely on their franchisees’ businesses for employment.

We acknowledge that landlords are also victims of this crisis and many have responded well to the call to share loss between themselves and their tenants. However, we are gravely concerned about the behaviour of some who have generated healthy profits for years and whose attitude to this situation affects a very wide range and number of tenant businesses."

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Do what you love 2nd April 2020


Relief for businesses - summary 2nd April 2020

22 April 2020 - Michael Bright of Gaze Burt provides an updated summary with links of where to get up-to-date and accurate information about the relief available for businesses

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Wage Subsidy - free employer's guide from Franchise Accountants 30th March 2020

In response to overwhelming demand for information and support on the Wage Subsidy, Franchise Accountants has prepared a resource which outlines how employers treat the Wage Subsidy and related matters. This guide answers a lot of questions and covers off some practical examples and tips. Download your copy of the guide here. 


Latest economic update 19th March 2020

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Tips for working from home 12th March 2020

13 March 2020 – As health concerns mean more people choose or are required to work from home, Greg Nathan of the Franchise Relationships Institute offers some advice to help you stay connected

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Westpac update on economic impact of virus 10th March 2020

Westpac has updated the forecasts in its latest Quarterly Economic Overview as the impact of Coronavirus grows around the world. It says the New Zealand Government is in a good position to weather this storm and that any disruption should be temporary. Read the update here.

"It is important to remember, though, that this is a temporary disruption to economic activity, not a new long-run trajectory for the economy. We anticipate a period of above-normal GDP growth after the worst of the virus-related disruptions have passed, as the economy returns to a normal level of economic activity, catch-up production to restore depleted inventories occurs, and even-lower interest rates stimulate asset prices. We are currently assuming that the recovery phase will begin in the second half of this year, although we will update that timing as we learn more about how the virus is playing out."


New York franchise expo now October 9th March 2020

March 2020 – The US Commercial Service is inviting NZ franchisors and investors to the International Franchise Expo in October

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Financial Year End Checklist 6th March 2020

6 March 2020 - Helpful hints from Franchise Accountants for  the Financial Year End

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Franchise Conference postponed 25th February 2020

19 March - The 2020 National Franchise Conference has been postponed

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Franchise offers free coffee to reduce waste 24th February 2020

25 February 2020 – Night ‘n Day runs Free Coffee February to keep single-use cups from New Zealand’s bins

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Franchise events around the country 18th February 2020


When China sneezes – economic overview 18th February 2020

19 February 2020 – The latest Quarterly Economic Overview from Westpac suggests that the Coronavirus outbreak has the potential to throw the New Zealand economy off its stride

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'Zero tolerance' for franchisees who breach employment law 17th February 2020

Super Liquor has again taken a hard line on a franchisee found guilty of exploiting staff by terminating the agreements of a multi-unit operator with 15 South Island bottle stores.

Super Liquor Holdings chief executive Campbell McMahon said the Labour Inspectorate's most recent investigation into Nekita Enterprises had identified employment breaches "across multiple stores, over a number of years, affecting a number of staff".

The investigation found that Nekita Enterprises:

  • Failed to pay staff the minimum wage.
  • Required employees to "pay a premium" by paying the correct hourly rate and then forcing them to pay it back.
  • Kept inaccurate wages and time and leave records.

As a result, SuperLiquor said the company had "materially" breached the terms of its franchise agreements, resulting in their termination, effective immediately. "There is no place in the Super Liquor franchise community for this kind of behaviour and we are on public record as having declared zero tolerance for fundamental breaches of employment law," Mr McMahon said.

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DB calls for liquor store owners who exploit staff to lose licences



SME Help Day - Christchurch 3rd February 2020

February 2020 – A free day of seminars from Westpac will help Canterbury businesses grow

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Calculating annual holiday payment rates 3rd February 2020

With so many holidays at the start of the year, and the Labour Inspectorate targeting non-compliant franchisees, it's important that franchisees ensure they are calculating employees' holiday pay correctly. Here's a handy guide from Employment New Zealand.

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Dream Doors founder’s next chapter 3rd February 2020

February 2020 – Kitchen renovation franchise Dream Doors is gearing up to change the world

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