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last updated 28/03/2024

Rodney Wayne enters Franchise Hall of Fame

last updated 28/03/2024

Rodney Wayne, the visionary founder of Rodney Wayne Hair Salons, has been officially inducted into the Franchise Hall of Fame. 

FANZ Chair Brad Jacobs presents Rodney Wayne with the certificate marking his induction into the Franchise Hall of Fame

The prestigious honour was announced at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2023 gala dinner on 11 November, and celebrated Rodney Wayne’s enduring impact not just upon the franchise sector, but upon the whole nation. He joins a small but select group which includes Wally and Hugh Morris, the brothers who brought McDonald’s to New Zealand in 1976, and David McCulloch, one of the primary figures in the establishment of franchising in New Zealand.

Announcing the honour Brad Jacobs, the chair of the Franchise Association of New Zealand, which created the Hall of Fame, said: ‘Rodney Wayne is a true pioneer in franchising, is still active in the business, and is loved by all. He is highly respected in his industry and in franchising, both locally and internationally. 

‘Many franchisees have been with the brand for over 20 years now, which is a true testament to its founder, his passion, the people within the franchise and their processes.’

Rodney approaches franchising on a personal level. He has said, ‘I always answer my own phone, from the newest franchisee to the newest staff member, I am available to speak to them. It’s about holding the team together.’

Brad continued, ‘Rodney has been a long-term member of FANZ, has a proven history of developing franchise personnel, is a strong supporter and innovator within the franchising model and has over 33 years of successful franchising under his belt. He always aspires to excellence in franchising with ethical behaviour and a passion second-to-none. At 75, this true gentleman is the epitome of great franchising.’

Still looking forward

Rodney Wayne stood on the same stage in 2022, when his company was named Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year. This time, the applause was personal.

In his acceptance speech, Rodney expressed deep gratitude, saying, ‘I am truly very, very honoured.’ He thanked FANZ and the people who nominated him and, reflecting on his journey, he said, “The franchising industry has been so good to me. I love my team; it’s a great environment. I know we’re going to have a great next couple of years, and I look forward to it.’

A tribute

Simon Lord, the publisher of Franchise New Zealand, adds his own tribute.

‘Rodney was one of the first people I met in franchising in New Zealand, back in 1991 when he had just started to franchise his already-well-known brand. He was one of the few regular attendees at the early meetings of the Association, an eager contributor to discussions, and not infrequently a stirrer of debates (something he continues to do on a wider stage today with his railing against immigration policy). He also shared his experiences willingly with other newcomers to the sector.

‘Over the years, as Rodney’s franchise grew, he became a shining example of what New Zealand’s home-grown franchisors could achieve. While Rodney’s regular media appearances were done in the service of his own brand, they also served to show that franchises were genuine business opportunities – an important lesson in the 1990s. 

‘It’s probably fair to say that many modern-day franchisors wouldn’t remember the suspicion with which franchising was viewed in the early years. Rodney, with his forthright approach, disarming honesty and undoubtedly successful business model, helped to allay such suspicions. It is great to see him recognised as a very worthy addition to the FANZ Hall of Fame.’

We talked to Rodney Wayne in December 2010 about creating a marketable image - read the in-depth interview here. 

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