How to advertise with Franchise New Zealand

"I rate Franchise New Zealand magazine as the best magazine of its type in the world because it is focused on the needs of readers, has excellent distribution making it readily available and contains articles and features of enduring value so it has a long shelf life."

- Stephen Giles, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Franchise New Zealand has been the best method of reaching prospective franchise purchasers, franchisors and advisors throughout New Zealand since 1992. The magazine and website and our other media work together to ensure that we reach over 25,000 people per month, wherever they are, whenever they need information. This results in a uniquely effective combination of digital and print technologies which has given us a long-standing reputation as the most effective recruitment tool in the country.

Who will you reach?

The print magazine is distributed throughout the country and has a readership of around 20,000 people per issue. The digital magazine is free to download from and has a readership of around 10,000 people per issue. Franchise New Zealands magazine is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

The website at is updated daily and provides the most accurate and comprehensive online source of information about franchising in New Zealand.

Those who find us first on this website can receive a copy of the magazine free within days of requesting it. For this reason, everyone featured on the website is also in the magazine, and vice versa. Our readers expect reliable, consistent information.

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How your advertising works

Franchise New Zealand enjoys a first-class reputation for delivering quality leads to its advertisers. It's easy to generate time-wasting enquiries from "tyre-kickers", but we specialise in delivering enquiries from people genuinely interested and informed about franchising. We offer a mix of information, advice, case studies and news articles, so that your advertising appears within the context of intelligent and informed comment. Readers are given the knowledge and tools to self-assess, and to have real expectations about what it takes to own and run a business.

“To date, every dealing I have had with Franchise New Zealand has been superb – you and your team live and breathe the franchise industry. We believe the magazine, website and newsletter are informative, easy-to-read and professional. We have found the magazine a key source of quality franchise enquiries. The web site equally enables potential franchisees to qualify their targets and provide a sense of surety they are dealing with a reputable franchisor.”

Paul Brown, Paramount Services – Supreme Franchise System of the Year 2008, 2016, 2018

“I launched Dream Doors in New Zealand through Franchise New Zealand magazine and website and I am delighted by the results. It is worth every cent - if their advertising cost three times as much it would still be worth it to us.”

Derek Lilly, Managing Director, Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd

“The Westpac Franchise Directory at the back of the magazine and on the website has long been the who’s who in franchising and an easy way to find a large percentage of the franchise opportunities available in the market. It also lists the specialist advisors that potential franchisees will need in one convenient directory. Many of the famous franchise brands out there started with articles and listings in Franchise New Zealand magazine and it is an important vehicle for franchisors marketing franchises.”

Daniel Cloete, National Franchising Manager, Westpac

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Who can advertise?

You can advertise a franchise, a licence, a distributorship or any other type of business opportunity. Our advertisers also include those providing advice, products or services to franchisees and franchisors.

In order to maintain our reputation and the credibility of our advertisers, we do reserve the right to refuse to publish any advertisement received if we consider that its publication would be undesirable in any way. We seek to promote quality opportunities in a quality way.

Your advertising options

We offer a variety of advertising packages to give clients the best possible exposure across all media. These include:

  • Display Advertising
  • Advertorials/Franchise Profiles/Supplier Profiles
  • Directory Advertising
  • Special combined packages of all of the above to support an annual recruitment campaign

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Please read our policies if you have any concerns about how we will use your personal information.

Any questions? Call us toll free within New Zealand on 0800 FRANCHISE (0800 372 624) or email

“I rang to say thank you for the Franchise New Zealand magazine you sent me after I visited your internet site. I was really in the dark about franchising before I got this, and it’s absolutely enlightening – so useful. I have already been in contact with [a lawyer] and [two franchise companies], and they are all being very helpful too. I just wanted to speak to you in person and say many thanks.”

Rod B-C, potential franchisee, Auckland

Highlights from latest Reader Survey of 530 visitors to

Is this your first visit to 75% of respondents said YES
Are you intending to buy your own business? 79% of respondents said YES
What level of investment are you planning to make? (Stats show percentages of respondents; 26% chose not to answer this question) $0 - $25,000 27%
  $25,000 - $50,000 21%
  $50,000 - $75,000 11%
  $75,000 -$100,000 7%
  $100 - $200,000 14%
  Over $200,000 20%
How would you rate the information provided by Franchise New Zealand? Poor 1%
  Adequate 15%
  Good 58%
  Excellent 26%
Have you requested or received a free PRINT copy of Franchise New Zealand magazine? 79% of respondents said YES
Have you read or downloaded the DIGITAL version of Franchise New Zealand magazine 15% of respondents said YES
How long do you keep each copy of the print magazine? A week 0%
  Several weeks 18%
  Several months 42%
  Permanently 40%
Is it easy to find what you are looking for on the website? 90% of respondents said YES
Percentage of website visitors who will visit site again 99%

It is particularly worth noting the way in which the print and digital issues of the magazine work in conjunction with the website as a follow-up mechanism, in addition to having their own distribution channels which broaden the market.

Comments from latest Reader Survey of 530 visitors to


  • Awesome, informative and has helped take away a lot of the fear for myself.
  • The magazine is fresh and gives some sound advice as well as being a good reference point.
  • I'm always looking for advice and knowledge and this magazine has both.
  • I love the articles about people and their success stories.
  • It's very informative and supplies a lot of data for people who want to start their own business.
  • Love it, been a subscriber for years and always look forward to my copy arriving. Provides valuable info and whets the appetite with new ideas and concepts.
  • Very informative.
  • Very good read for a first time reader.
  • Very easy to understand content which has substance.
  • Excellent advice.
  • Very informative and easy to read with interesting articles.
  • I enjoy it very much and find it very useful.
  • Really like the Directory.
  • Currently in negotiations with a franchise I saw (while reading your magazine) at the bank.
  • This magazine is used by me as a tool for my own business and for recommending to others, I find it very informative and wide-ranging. Thank you.


  • The site is great and easy to navigate. With me being new to business and new to franchising I think this site is going to be very helpful for me.
  • Good overview of each opportunity.
  • Very clear and informative.
  • Easy to navigate around.
  • Website is user-friendly and has good layout.
  • I like how some of the older articles are on the site.
  • The links to professional services like lawyers and accountants are great. Very helpful.
  • Well-designed and informative.
  • A great resource - loads of info but not as cluttered as it could be.
  • Easy to navigate, valuable topics.
  • Its real good opportunity in your website to buy new franchise because you provide all detail.
  • Great website, good information, easy to use
  • Content is king - and the content is good.
  • Very helpful. · Easy to navigate and well set out. It's great.

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