Mobile Franchises in NZ

If you don’t like being stuck in the same spot all day, think about buying a mobile franchise. Sometimes called a ‘man with a van franchise’, mobile franchises can also allow you to work together with your spouse.  

Mobile handymanThey come in two forms: those that are mobile because they have to be (providing cleaning, courier or electrical services to homes and the workplace), and those that are mobile businesses because they can take a traditional product or service such as coffee, car tuning, bookkeeping or carpet retailing to new customers. Of course, you’ll be working from home as well as your vehicle so you’ll need to be organised as well as self-motivated to make the most of any opportunity – read what it’s really like to run a mobile franchise.

When you’re looking for a mobile franchise or man with a van franchise, it’s important to do more than ask ‘How much does it cost?’ and ‘What experience do I need? Do your research – we recommend putting in an hour of research for every $1000 that you plan to invest. Apart from talking to the franchisor and asking them lots of questions,  it’s also a good idea to talk to mobile franchisees who are already running the business to get all the information you need before you open your own business.

While there are many good mobile franchise opportunities for sale, they are all different. Some offer work guarantees or income guarantees, but you need to be clear on what’s really guaranteed. Before making your decision, you should consult a lawyer specialising in franchises.  You’ll also want to know how much you can make from a mobile business so consult a financial advisor or accountant experienced in franchising.  If you need finance, there are a number of banks which specialise in financing mobile and man with a van franchises

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