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last updated 13/09/2023

Lawn & garden franchise goes electric

last updated 13/09/2023

13 September 2023 – Green Acres has partnered with Stihl to launch an ambitious nationwide emissions reduction programme by transitioning from petrol to battery-powered equipment

The Green Acres/Stihl partnership, between the largest home services franchise in New Zealand and the global leader in outdoor power equipment, will see 181 Green Acres franchisees transition to Stihl’s cordless range of battery-powered lawn- and garden-care equipment over the next three years.  

The programme is expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 80 metric tonnes across the group per year, which the franchise says is the equivalent of taking at least 25 Ford Rangers off the road every year for the next three years. 

The partnership followed a comprehensive six-month trial by Green Acres franchisees across the country comparing power, performance, weight, handling, noise and convenience of several brands in different conditions. This trial aimed to assess the overall business performance of battery-powered equipment in a commercial environment to ensure that they would improve the safety and efficiency of franchisees’ businesses while reducing carbon emissions. 

As well as reducing emissions, franchisees will save up to $18,343 over the life of the battery (5 years) compared to petrol equipment, with a pay-back period of only 16-18 months. 

Finance programme for franchisees

To make this programme attractive to franchisees, Green Acres put together a comprehensive package that covers equipment, a green technology pathway, service and support, and financing. ‘In the long run, the transition ends up being cost-effective for franchisees because they won’t have to pay for petrol or maintenance and servicing as much,’ says the company.  

Green Acres has also worked with ANZ to provide franchisees access to the ANZ Business Green Loan to assist with making the transition. This allows eligible customers to borrow at a special floating rate which can be used for investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable land and water use, and the building, renovating, or purchasing of green buildings and clean transport.  

‘Green Acres is dedicated to making franchisees successful, enabling them to run their businesses efficiently and achieve financial independence,’ says Jason Hill, Green Acres’ General Manager. 'Our partnership with Stihl demonstrates our commitment to ongoing innovation and sustainability, positioning our franchisees as industry leaders while making group environmental impact and supporting local communities.  

‘Through this programme, we also hope to change the mindset that switching to a greener business model requires lots of work,’ says Hill. “It is easier than you might think, and businesses can take action to drive sustainability at their own pace instead of waiting for regulatory changes. Businesses that do their homework have the power to make significant and lasting changes that contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable future.’

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