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Simon Lord

Franchising covers a huge range of business opportunities. On this website, you’ll find profiles of businesses offering fork lift training, flat pack assembly, home renovation and laundromats; childcare, exercise classes, relief teacher supply and computer education. Franchisees restore car paintwork, change landscapes, protect glass, clean homes and offices, and manage boat maintenance.

Food franchises and coffee franchises are always popular, so we feature family restaurants, full-service cafés, fast casual diners and trendy hang-outs, as well as lots of advice. Our latest magazine has a focus of food franchising – get a free print copy or digital copy – and find more opportunities and advisors in our Directory.

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Franchise Infinity

Franchise Infinity is cloud-based software that combines a range of effective management tools which enables you to manage all aspects of your franchise from one centralised operating system. These efficiencies are driven through a focus on communication, training, compliance and performance. (Check our special NZ limited offer below).

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How to Buy A Franchise

Make a safe and sensible decision about buying a business.

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The beginners' guide to understanding the numbers

Philip Morrison of Franchise Accountants explains what financial reports can tell you about the business you’re buying

How to approach franchising your business

Simon Lord outlines three different approaches to franchising and invites comment from the experts

What’s the next big thing in franchising?

One of the questions that anyone who works in franchising is regularly asked is ‘What’s the next big thing, then?’ Here are some thoughts to help readers decide the answer for themselves

Advice for new residents in NZ (in 5 languages)

Protect your own interests as you assess any franchise business opportunity. Translated versions of this article are available in Hindi, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

250 questions to ask your franchisor

What do you need to know before you buy a franchise? Here's a comprehensive list of over 250 vital questions to ask the franchisor that will help you make the right decision.

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In Our Latest Issue

Trends in Food Franchising - What do changing tastes in food and beverage franchising mean for business buyers?

12 Tips For Multi-Unit Excellence - Greg Nathan explains how to tap into the power of multi-unit franchising as a growth strategy.

Who Ate All The Profits?- Philip Morrison on making a food business a financial success.