Managing A Franchise System

Advice on how to manage your Franchise System

Ongoing Development

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Wise counsel

Franchise Advisory Councils are an effective way of harnessing franchisees' ideas and driving systems forward, says Win Robinson

Stay in touch to grow your franchise

How can franchisors attract, involve and appoint new franchisees during a time of economic uncertainty?

Managing marketing funds

September 2009 - How do franchises collect marketing funds, who is accountable for them and how should they be spent?

The naked franchisor - calculating and collecting franchise fees

Good relationships between franchisors and franchisees depend partly on a clear understanding of what the franchisor is charging for and how they are making their revenue. Hiding income streams only leads to trouble, says Win Robinson in this article from our archives

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Case Studies

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The Fastway Story - Part 2: Beyond Australasia

In the second of two articles from 2005 on building a global franchise, the founder of Fastway Couriers, Bill McGowan, discusses the development of national master franchises and the challenges, pleasures and pitfalls of overseas expansion.

The Fastway Story - Part 1: The Beginning

In the first of two articles from 2005 Bill McGowan, founder of Fastway Couriers, recalls the challenges and rewards of building a global franchise network from scratch in a typically frank way.

Sharing the lessons of McDonald's

Al Dunn spent 31 years with McDonald's before establishing his own consulting business. In a 2008 issue of Franchise New Zealand magazine, he answered questions put to him by some top franchisors. This article contains both the magazine story and some extra material.

Franchising and the fame game

Some of the best-known franchises rely on personal brands created by their founders. Simon Lord talked to Rodney Wayne in December 2010 about creating a marketable image.

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Relationship Issues

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Understanding The Franchise E-Factor

Greg Nathan explains how franchisees' needs and expectations change as they become more established

What's in a name - franchisee or franchise owner?

An article from our archives (December 2011) explores the implications of varying the terminology used in franchising.

What makes great franchisees tick?

Findings from the Franchise Relationships Institute originally released in 2011 show that having good family and social support is a major predictor of franchisee success. Greg Nathan outlines this and the other findings.

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Legal Matters

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Legal Review 2023 – Stewart Germann and Khushbu Sundarji review three recent cases where franchisors and franchisees went to court seeking legal injunctions – and weren’t successful

The Right Side of The Law

December – 2022 Might some franchisors’ attempts to help their franchisees with financing, pricing or selling cause them to fall foul of some unexpected laws? Michael Bright investigates

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