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last updated 19/09/2023

Good businesses in high demand

last updated 19/09/2023

20 September 2023 – The latest newsletter from business brokers ABC suggests that good business opportunities are in high demand thanks to record immigration

Writing in his latest newsletter, Chris Small, ABC’s managing director, says, ‘New Zealand is experiencing an extraordinary surge in demand for businesses, purchaser volumes are at levels never witnessed before, marking a staggering increase of up to 200%.’

He suggests that there are several key factors behind this newfound trend:

The year leading up to July 2023 saw net immigration reach an all-time high. A substantial portion of these immigrants hails from India and other Asian nations. ‘These individuals bring with them a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship and business ownership, rather than opting for traditional salaried employment,’ suggests Chris. 

‘The surge in immigration is also having a positive impact on the chronic staff shortages that plagued various industries in the past year.’

And he suggests that business owners are exhibiting growing confidence. In a reference to the forthcoming General Election, he says, ‘Anticipation is building that a more business-friendly regime will take control of the country post-October 2023, further motivating entrepreneurs and investors.’

The growing interest can be expected to have an impact on demand for both new and existing franchise opportunities.

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