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last updated 17/10/2023

McDonald’s encourages people to ‘drop in for a chat’

last updated 17/10/2023

18 October 2023 – McDonald’s is repeating last year's successful hiring day under a new name as it seeks more staff

McDonald’s restaurants across the country will be opening their doors for Macca’s Careers Day on Friday 27 October. Last year’s ‘National Hiring Day’ proved to be very successful for the company, with over 3,500 job hunters choosing to drop into their local Macca’s in search of employment. 

‘It’s a great chance for people to explore potential jobs at McDonald's simply by visiting their local restaurant where managers, team members and part time staff will be on hand to talk about upcoming employment,’ says the company.

This year’s focus is on emphasising the advantages of both part and full-time employment as a restaurant crew member, with the opportunity to become a future restaurant manager, be part of the corporate team or even become a franchisee. 

McDonald’s is renowned for its world-class training pathways, accredited qualifications, and the potential for future managerial positions. Over the past five years, more than 10,000 New Zealanders have benefited from McDonald’s comprehensive training programmes, with the company being recognised as one of New Zealand's leading organisations when it comes to management training and scholarship opportunities. 

In the USA, the company suggests that one in eight Americans has worked at a McDonald’s, with it being the first job many teens have.

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