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What’s the next big thing in franchising?

One of the questions that anyone who works in franchising is regularly asked is ‘What’s the next big thing, then?’ Here are some thoughts to help readers decide the answer for themselves

An introduction to franchising in New Zealand

New Zealand has more franchise systems per capita than any other country in the world. Simon Lord provides a guide to this exciting sector

2021 Franchise Survey Results - Franchising Counts

Highlights from Massey University's latest franchise survey in New Zealand show the resilience of franchising in difficult times

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Economic outlook – spring will come …

15 May 2024 – The latest Economic Overview from Westpac says spring will come for New Zealand, although we need to do the hard yards through winter first. How will this affect prospects for franchisors and franchisees?

Developing Excellence - the history of the New Zealand Franchise Awards

We look back at some of the winners and how the Awards have helped New Zealand become the most franchised country in the world

An introduction to franchising in New Zealand

New Zealand has more franchise systems per capita than any other country in the world. Simon Lord provides a guide to this exciting sector

Suffrage 125 - Celebrating women in franchising

19 September 2018 – As New Zealand celebrates Suffrage 125, we take a look at the success of women in franchising

When support really matters

How does being part of a franchise help when the unthinkable happens and the whole country goes into lockdown? Here are some lessons from 2020.

Do franchisors care about franchisees?

They can’t afford not to – whatever some people might think, says Simon Lord, in this popular article from our archives (first published in 2015)

Economists forecast better growth, lower inflation

2 February 2024 – Respected economic consultancy Infometrics is forecasting an improved economic outlook for New Zealand, with better GDP growth and inflation coming under control sooner than previously forecast

NZ Franchise Awards 2023 Results

11 November 2023 – This year’s Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards were among the most hotly-contested ever, and it was fitting that there were two new names on the Supreme trophies from franchise brands that had never stood on the top step before

Economic outlook – where do we go from here?

31 October 2023 – The latest Westpac Economic Overview looks at prospects for New Zealand in the wake of the election and comes up with a mixed bag

Good businesses in high demand

20 September 2023 – The latest newsletter from business brokers ABC suggests that good business opportunities are in high demand thanks to record immigration

NZ Franchise Awards 2022 Results:

12 November 2022 – Two home-grown beauty brands starred at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. Both were Supreme Award winners for the first time, while winning franchisees came from towns all over the country.

Franchise Awards 2017 RESULTS - CABIN FEVER

11 November 2017 – There were double celebrations for Just Cabins after the extra room specialists took out both Supreme titles at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. The other big winners this year were franchisees from the regions.

Changing traffic, changing business

Geotech have been mining their data to outline some post-pandemic shifts in New Zealand’s retail landscape

Hunting through history

September 2022 – Can you help us work out which is New Zealand’s oldest home-grown franchise?

Bounce Back

Some sectors have been doing it tough, some have never had it so good. Which franchises are looking forward to good times ahead – and what should buyers look for?

MORE FRANCHISES THAN EVER - but should we celebrate?

The 2012 survey of New Zealand’s franchise sector. For 2021 franchise survey results - see Franchising Counts

2021 Franchise Survey Results - Franchising Counts

Highlights from Massey University's latest franchise survey in New Zealand show the resilience of franchising in difficult times

The outlook for franchising in 2022

23 February 2022 – Westpac’s latest quarterly Economic Overview looks at what lies ahead as New Zealand faces Omicron, and the Franchising Confidence Index finds franchisors looking for opportunities in a gloomy start to the year

What’s the next big thing in franchising?

One of the questions that anyone who works in franchising is regularly asked is ‘What’s the next big thing, then?’ Here are some thoughts to help readers decide the answer for themselves

Survey highlights resilience and optimism of small business owners 

31 May 2021 – A new study has given insight into the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the small business sector in New Zealand. Almost 60 percent feel that their business is more resilient and sustainable today 

Economy showing signs of spring

20 November 2019 - Having endured the chill winds of a slowdown, Westpac’s economists say signs of spring are emerging. Data suggests we are past the worst of it

Good news, but lower unemployment and immigration a challenge for franchise recruitment

24 November 2020 - The latest issue of Westpac’s Quarterly Economic Overview explains why the economy is where it is, and looks at the implications of Covid-19, local and global economic expectations, and forecasts for the future. How will franchising be affected?

NZ small businesses feel the love, global survey reveals

26 October 2020 – NZ small businesses and consumers had the most positive outlook during Covid-19

Opportunity Knocks

What do the expected recession and redundancies mean for franchising? Simon Lord and Nathan Bonney share some insights

Georgie Pie - BACK ON THE MENU

From the archives June 2013 - McDonald’s are looking to dominate a new market by bringing back one of NZ’s best-loved brands. Simon Lord takes a deeper look at the strategy behind the relaunch of Georgie Pie

Economic outlook and the impact on franchising

May 2020 - Westpac’s latest Quarterly Economic Overview suggests that Covid-19 will cast a shadow over the economy for years, but that recovery will be faster than after the GFC. What impact will this have on franchising?

Helping franchisees through Covid-19

How does being part of a franchise help when the unthinkable happens and the whole country goes into lockdown? We’ve been finding out what franchisors are doing for their franchisees.

TASTY - latest trends in food franchising

Food and franchising go together like fish and chips, but the market’s changing faster than ever. Simon Lord looks at some of the latest trends that you should consider if you’re thinking of buying a franchise

What to know about buying a food franchise

Donna Ferrall reveals what new franchisees need to know about buying a food business to ensure you bite off only what you can chew

Confidence down – better to come?

24 October 2019 – Things will look worse before they look better, says an economist, but the latest survey suggests franchisors are not yet convinced

Franchise Awards 1995 - Full Results

August 1995 - The inaugural FAANZ New Zealand Franchising Awards recognised top franchise systems and franchisees for the first time

Franchise Awards 1996 - Full Results

November 1996 - Winners at the 1996 FANZ Franchise Awards all had something in common - they’re never satisfied. We look at New Zealand’s top franchise systems and franchisees

Franchise Awards 1997 - Full Results

November 1997 - Winners of the 1997 Franchisee and Franchise System of the Year titles share a passion for making their businesses even better

Franchise Awards 1998 - Full Results

October 1998 - First-time entrant Rosemary Gore is New Zealand’s Franchisee of the Year, while Star Mart takes out the Franchise System title

Franchise Awards 1999 - Full Results

November 1999 - For the third time in five years, the Franchisee of the Year title has gone to Christchurch, while Green Acres finally took the Franchise System of the Year Award

Franchise Awards 2000 - Full Results

November 2000 - The winners of this year’s Franchise Awards set higher standards than ever. Here's our full report.

GDP estimates show widespread regional economic growth

10 May 2018 – The latest GDP estimates from the MBIE show New Zealand’s regions to be growing strongly over the past five years with parts of the South Island standing out in particular

Franchisors cautious before coalition policies clarified

Updated 27 October 2017 - Pre-election uncertainties caused a slow-down in business confidence which extended into the post-election period. How will the announcement of a Labour-led government affect that?

Australian Franchise Awards
– 2017 Results

11 October 2017 – Two names familiar to New Zealanders took out the top titles at this year’s MYOB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards

Top 200 franchises bounce back

5th October 2017 – After a sales decline last year, global franchises are on the rise again, says a US publication. Who's growing and who's struggling?

measuring the differences in

May 2011 - A seminar conducted at Massey University’s Albany campus provided an interesting comparison of trans-Tasman franchising.

Fresh! - Trends and issues in food franchising

June 2017 - What are the latest ideas in food franchising? What are the issues and what are the challenges? Simon Lord asks some local experts for their thoughts on what’s coming next

More people coming to New Zealand on work visas

21 March 2017 – Record net annual migration levels continue, Statistics New Zealand said today, bringing larger numbers of migrants into the country on work and residence permits.

Franchise Awards 2016 RESULTS
- learning from experience

12 November 2016 – The top titles this year have gone to franchises with decades of experience - and home-grown franchises took the majority of the honours

NZ economy – stronger for longer

Stronger population growth, rising business confidence and a rebound in milk prices point to an enduring period of growth for the New Zealand economy, says the latest Westpac Quarterly Economic Overview

Franchise awards 2015 - Keeping it in the family

14 November 2015 – The Hall family of Columbus Coffee are New Zealand’s top franchisees, and Paramount Services is Supreme Franchise System of the Year for 2015/16

Live Fast Buy Young

March 2005 - Out of school and into business? Teens and 20s are increasingly finding franchising offers a great way to get into a business of their own.

NZ up three places in world competitiveness

28 May 2015 - New Zealand has risen to 17th place on an annual world competitiveness ranking

US franchise publication
highlights New Zealand

April 2015 - Two articles from an influential US franchise magazine have put the focus on franchising in New Zealand

Franchise Awards 2014 / 2015 - Should've gone to...?

15 November - Specsavers is the 2014/15 Franchise System of the Year and Ivy Joe of The Coffee Club is New Zealand's top franchisee for the third year in a row - possibly a world record!

Champions of franchising recognised

November 2014 – The Franchise Association has created five new life members

Franchise Awards 2013/2014 - Unique double as history repeats

Bethlehem’s Ivy Joe stays on top as New Zealand's top franchisee and The Coffee Club reigns supreme in the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards for the second year running

Profits without honours

When will the nation recognise the pioneers of one of our largest business sectors?

BurgerFuel deal a milestone for franchising in New Zealand

February 2014 - Four reasons why US investment in BurgerFuel is significant for franchising in New Zealand

Franchise Awards 2012/2013 - Star of Bethlehem shines at franchise awards

November 2012 - New Zealand's top franchisee comes from Bay of Plenty as The Coffee Club takes both major titles at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards.

is New Zealand becoming TOO FRANCHISED?

May 2011 - The Australians might not believe it, but New Zealand is the most franchised country in the world. Are we approaching saturation point? Simon Lord looks at the figures.

franchisee prospects good, but

Confidence and expectations are up but it's still hard to find new franchisees in New Zealand, says the latest Franchising Confidence Index

What to do with Georgie Pie?

August 2009 - Over the last year or so, there's been a lot of media interest in a Facebook campaign to bring back Georgie Pie.

Regional GDP figures provide franchises with food for thought

28 June 2013 - The first official measure of NZ’s regional economies provides pointers for franchises looking to expand around the country

why people buy a franchise

September 2012 - Why do most people consider buying a franchise? A recent survey of visitors to the Franchise New Zealand website showed that ‘being my own boss’ was still the number one reason for around 35% of New Zealanders.

can you have TOO MUCH EDUCATION?

A new survey suggests a high school education is all you need to be a top-performing franchisee

in New Zealand

Readers share their memories of the early days of franchising in New Zealand and their expectations for the future.

survey suggests economy
to franchise buyers

October 2011 - A new survey of would-be franchise buyers suggests that many people are not deterred by the slow-recovering economy – instead, they are still looking for the right opportunity.

is franchising
for small business?

Why is franchising so popular in New Zealand – and is it good news or bad?

new franchisees willing to move for

A survey of visitors to the Franchise New Zealand website has revealed that 74% of those seriously interested in buying a franchise would be prepared to move to another location for the right opportunity.

ten years of change -

In the second part of our review of the last decade in New Zealand franchising, we look at the way that systems and perceptions have changed

ten years of change –

It’s been 10 years since the start of the new millennium. Simon Lord examines what the decade has brought for franchisors and franchisees

when is a franchise NOT A FRANCHISE?

August 2010 - Can a business be a franchise without knowing it? The answer may surprise.

Stimulating small business gets best results

December 2009 - A new study showing that small business is the powerhouse of the economy has caused a significant policy change in the application of stimulus funds in the US. Win Robinson suggests New Zealand could benefit from the same approach.

South Island Franchising

March 2009 - Simon Lord looks at the opportunities and issues facing franchise buyers and franchisors in the South Island

Buying Australian

March 2006 - Increasing numbers of Australian franchises are crossing the Tasman. What should Kiwi buyers look out for?

The Good News...

March 2009 - Last week I was asked to give a presentation to an audience of master franchisees on Current Trends in Franchising. I divided my speech into bad news and good news. Not surprisingly, given the current economic climate, the second part of my presentation was shorter but at least it was not all negative. So what is the good news? Here are ten positives to focus on.

Tapping Into Traditional Values

Traditional values retain a lot of appeal, says Simon Lord. Franchising can offer a way to tap into them profitably

Green Acres master charged with fraud

7 November 2008 - Former Green Acres master franchisee Keith Lapham appeared in court yesterday on two charges of obtaining by deception and one charge of fraud.

The drought over - now we’re starving

May 2009 - More people want franchises - but can they find funding?

Positive actions breed positive results

2 February 2009 - How franchisors and franchisees fare in 2009 depends not just on the economy but on their own attitudes and actions

Immigrants Not The Only Victims In Franchise Fraud

Over the summer holidays, an extraordinary story has unfolded regarding the sale of non-existent Green Acres franchises by an Auckland master franchisee

Healthy Eating Franchises Offer Fresh Options

People are thinking more about what they're eating - and food franchises are rising to meet the challenge. Simon Lord investigates how fast food is becoming healthy food.

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