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last updated 02/02/2023

NZ Franchise Awards 2019 Results: RIGHT FIRST TIME

last updated 02/02/2023

9 November 2019 ­– Getting it right first time is what franchising is all about - and Pukeko Rental Managers did exactly that with a stunning new entrant win as Supreme Franchise System of the Year. The Coffee Club’s Sarith Thong repeated the feat as the new Supreme Franchisee of the Year

25th Awards Logo - Results

Finalists came from all over the country: from Te Awamutu, Takanini and Timaru; from Wellington, Whanganui and Winton; Lower Hutt to Hawkes Bay and the East Cape. The range of business types covered everything from cafés to cleaners, childcare to convenience stores, bakeries to building maintenance, rental management to shoe repair.

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards were a fair reflection of the sheer variety of the $27 billion franchise sector in this country and, in this 25th year of the prestigious awards, it was fitting that there were two brand new winners.

Sarith Thong of The Coffee Club Takanini was named Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year, taking the title just ahead of Vikas & Divy Kanojiya of Paramount Services Timaru and Amit & Deepika Sharma of Green Acres, Te Awamutu, both of whom were winners on the night in their own industry categories.

Meanwhile, Pukeko Rental Managers won a stunning victory to take out the Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year title ahead of fellow finalists Exceed Franchising and the resurgent Cobb & Co. It was the first time Pukeko had entered the Awards – a massive achievement for a home-grown franchise system.


Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year

Winner: Pukeko Rental Managers

David Pearse, founder of Pukeko Rental Managers

Pukeko Rental Managers’ win as first-time entrants reflects the care and attention to detail that has been put into developing the business model. The Auckland-based company was launched in 2010 and now has 23 franchisees throughout New Zealand with more to come: ‘Since winning the Awards, the level of enquiries has jumped dramatically,’ says David Pearse, founder of Pukeko Rental Managers.

‘I really hadn’t expected to win an Award this year,’ he confesses. ‘I was only planning to dip my toe in to get some feedback from the judges on how to improve. I was shocked when we won! But really, this is a reward for the whole team: for the franchisees who are out there doing the business, for our marketing people and our sales trainers.’

The franchise is based upon David’s long experience in property management, and his conviction that ‘There must be a better way’. ‘There’s been a lot in the media about how bad some property managers are, so our whole focus is on providing a service and always looking to do better. We use independently-gathered Net Promoter Score data to help, and put a lot of emphasis on systems and training to ensure that everyone’s on the same page. Get that right and the financial rewards follow.’

The judges say that, ‘David has a clear understanding of the requirements of the property owner and tenant markets, and uses sophisticated, data-driven techniques to understand performance, including benchmarking. His management structure is one that places each of the franchisees at the top of the pyramid, with everyone below them there to support the frontline endeavours.’

Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year

Winner: Sarith Thong, The Coffee Club Takanini

Sarith Thong, The Coffee Club Takanini

Sarith Thong and his wife Helen Lin opened The Coffee Club Takanini as a brand new store on 7 December 2013. The couple had previously owned lunch bars, but they felt that joining a franchise would give them the backing of a well-known, reputable brand and an opportunity to build something bigger. They’ve done that all right, winning The Coffee Club’s own Franchisee of the Year award twice before expanding their empire by taking over The Coffee Club at Manukau Supa Centre earlier this year.

‘This is my first time entering the Awards,’ says Sarith. ‘I wanted to challenge myself and compare what we have achieved to other franchisees, and see how we can do better as a business. All credit to our team – I have high expectations of myself and of them, and this is a reward for all their hard work.’

The judges commented, ‘This business shone ... A good understanding of the business has enabled a strong operational foundation on which Sarith has built his customer service. He uses The Coffee Club’s systems to support his strategic planning with a good linkage to key objectives. He manages by fact, using a weekly review of KPI’s.

‘As important to Sarith as his customers are his staff, who are well-trained and mentored in their respective roles. Key strengths are the understanding of who the customer base is (and when they purchase), the retention of these customers, and great brand awareness within the catchment area.’



Awards were presented for Franchisee of the Year and Franchise System of the Year in each of three categories:

  • Business to Business
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Retail & Hospitality

The Supreme Awards winners were selected from these categories.


Business to Business Franchisee of the Year
Winner: Vikas & Divy Kanojiya, Paramount Services Timaru

Paramount Services is a regular winner in these Awards, having been named Supreme Franchise System of the Year three times – in 2008, 2015 and 2018. Impressed by the franchise’s reputation, husband and wife team Vikas and Divyabahen Kanojiya became Paramount Services franchisees in May 2018. By employing a small team of staff, the couple combine managing their business with their day jobs: Vikas in sales and Divy in customer service. With two children as well, they lead a very busy life.

‘Entering the Awards gave us satisfaction that we are doing good work with our family, our day jobs and supervising our sites at night,’ says Vikas. ‘Winning this Award will give us motivation for further improvement and make our team proud and happy. It will also help us in getting future work.’

This determination to grow their business was noted by the judges. ‘In a short period of time, Vikas and Divy have experienced amazing levels of growth through hard work and a clear vision of how their growth will increase over the coming years. This growth is seen not just coming from one area, but a number of market sectors, coupled with an increase in staff so as not to reduce quality of service.

'They use the multitude of systems available to them from Paramount to ensure quality, health & safety and customer satisfaction standards are constantly tracking at correct levels. Obviously confident in their business, Vikas and Divy have also recommended improvements in systems to Paramount Head Office.’

Vicky Harris, Pukeko Rental Managers, Hawkes Bay
Aroha & Joe Thompson, Paramount Services, Taranaki


Business to Business Franchise System of the Year
Winner: Pukeko Rental Managers

Going on to win the Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year Award, Pukeko Rental Managers operates from Albany to Nelson. Each franchisee is a dedicated owner-operator with a limited number of properties under management at any one time in their local area.

Rather than being an add-on to a real estate company, Pukeko aims for a proactive approach which goes well beyond just rent collection, with a focus on tenanting and maintaining its clients’ properties to the highest standard and ensuring it continues to provide great returns.

‘Traditional property management is office-based and has multi-tier management structures,’ David explains. ‘The result is a high level of overheads, which means that, in order to pay for them, each property manager needs to look after an increasing number of properties. The Pukeko business model reduces the overheads and allows our franchisees to offer a personal service to all their clients while still being competitively priced.’ Such is the quality of the service, Pukeko Rental Managers guarantees home owners a minimum of 50 weeks’ rental income a year – something that really impressed the judges.

‘Our mantra is We don’t want to be the biggest, but the best,’ says David Pearse, Pukeko’s founder. ‘In fact, the most rewarding part of the entry process was the survey of franchisees which showed their high level of satisfaction at being part of the franchise.’

Paramount Services

Category sponsored by Findex



Home & Lifestyle Franchisee of the Year
Winner: Amit & Deepika Sharma, Green Acres Te Awamutu

Amit and Deepika have been Green Acres cleaning franchisees for over five years. The couple are no strangers to hard work – Amit was previously a dairy farmer, while Deepika was a healthcare assistant. Originally, Deepika ran the business but as it grew Amit joined her to focus their efforts and build a thriving business, much of it through customer referrals. They now provide services to a broad range of customers including local government, education, retail, medical facilities and residential homes.

Earlier this year, the couple were named Green Acres' Franchisees of the Year, with their business advisor commenting, ‘Such is their efficiency that they probably have the highest average hourly rate of any commercial cleaning business in the country.’ This inspired them to enter the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards.

Amit says of completing their entry, ‘Once we saw in writing the heart, soul and hard work we’ve put into the business over the last five years, and all that we have accomplished, we just had to step back and feel proud about what we have done. Buying into Green Acres has brought us financial stability and enabled us to buy our first home too.’

The judges commented, ‘Green Acres Te Awamutu provided great examples of continuous improvements being made to their operations, and examples of great contributions to the community, with a relevant selection of results which show the achievement of improvements over time.’

Neel & Anne-Marie Thompson, Exceed Palmerston North/Manawatu/Whanganui
Ingrid Godden, sKids Wellington
Mike & Barbara Collett, Just Cabins Gisborne and Opotiki

Home & Lifestyle Franchise System of the Year
Winner: Exceed Franchising

Exceed is a regular entrant – and a regular winner – at the Franchise Awards. ‘We always find it a good opportunity to have an in-depth look at how our franchise system and businesses are operating and performing,’ say founders David and Karen Dovey. The company has 24 franchisees around the country specialising in the repair and maintenance of aluminium windows and doors, and has also expanded into Australia.

The judges said, ‘Exceed provides comprehensive training on its product and services, and offers further development for its franchisees through courses and mentors. Many of the results graphs showed Exceed’s use of the Net Promoter Score and Global Benchmark concepts to provide comparative data.'

‘Putting together the entry made us really appreciate how far our franchise system has come over the past 25 years, the memories that have been created on that journey and the awesome culture the system has achieved,’ say the Doveys.

‘Winning this Award provides a huge sense of achievement and reinforces that we are on the right track with our systems. Our franchisees are like family and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their support and commitment. So, in that sense, it’s the entire group winning the award, not just the franchisor.’

Category sponsored by Stewart Germann Law Office



Retail & Hospitality Franchisee of the Year
Winner: Sarith Thong, The Coffee Club Takanini

The Retail & Hospitality Award was an incredibly fiercely-contested category this year with five excellent finalists, so it’s no surprise that winner Sarith Thong went on to take the Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year title.

‘Entering the Awards was pretty hard work, but it was very rewarding to look back and put together the graphs that show how far we have come,’ says Sarith.

Sarith is quick to credit the support he has received from others. ‘The Coffee Club has a great reputation for helping franchisees pre-select the right staff, which really paid off for us from day one. We have a great team of experienced senior staff at Takanini, which has allowed us to focus on building up our second café at Manukau.’

That respect obviously works both ways ­ – in an industry where high staff turnover is the norm, many of the Takanini café team have been with Sarith and Helen for over five years. ‘In this business, customer service is everything,’ Sarith says. ‘If you’ve had a bad day at home, you have to leave that at the door when you come to work. We all work hard at building customer relationships, and our customers have responded by making all sorts of comments about our winning this Award – they’re really pleased for us. It’s an honour to have those kinds of customers, truly.’

Daniel Prasad, Mister Minit North City
Simarpreet Singh, Mister Minit Queensgate, Lower Hutt
Glen Gaskell, Mister Minit Palmerston North
Bridget Stevens & Rebecca Excell, Night’n’Day Foodstores Winton

Retail & Hospitality Franchise System of the Year
Winner: Cobb & Co.

Every Kiwi has fond memories of Cobb & Co. family restaurants, but from the 1990s onwards the chain became tired and outlets closed. It had a new lease of life, though, when Tauranga franchisees Sue and Ben Gower took over the whole company back in 2012. The couple carefully re-worked the traditional menu, keeping old favourites and adding new ones. There are now five franchisees and three company-owned restaurants.

Cobb & Co. is now a dynamic, technology-driven, totally integrated operating system providing real-time, vital information to the operator,’ say the Gowers. ‘We have been able to empower our franchisees and managers by putting the economic drivers of their businesses into their hands.’

Winning this award matters because there’s a common perception that Cobb & Co. is a tired old brand well past its use-by date, yet the new restaurant which opened in Papanui in late August 2019 served 5,945 people over the first three weeks.

‘The reality is that Cobb & Co. has stormed ahead of the pack: we embrace innovation, are technology and staff-driven, and offer a profitable, viable business opportunity. Our management team are young, qualified, bright and innovative. Our franchisees are serious business people, interested in running profitable, significant businesses. Winning this award is a fantastic validation of Cobb & Co. to the wider business audience.’

The judges agreed, saying, ‘This entry suggests a franchise system that is outstanding in the (hospitality) industry. The evidence provided to support the claims made in the application was unmatched.’

Night’n’Day Foodstores
The Coffee Club

Category sponsored by Franchise Accountants



Further Awards were made in a number of specialist categories. These winners were not eligible for the Supreme Awards. The categories were:


  • Small Business Franchisee of the Year
  • Regional Master Franchisee of the Year
  • Contribution to Community

Franchise System

  • Contribution to Community
  • Excellence in Marketing
  • Digital Innovation

Service Provider of the Year


Small Business Franchisee of the Year
Winner: Helen Lei & Stanley Siew, Paramount Services Auckland

Helen used to work as a warehouse assistant and Stanley as restaurant manager before they bought their Paramount Services franchise in April 2018. They liked the fact that the business allowed them to work together and was time-flexible. They’ve put that approach to good use with clients in different industries requiring different time slots for cleaning: clinics, kindergartens, law firms, telecommunications and architectural design companies.

‘For us to meet their reasonable requirements without affecting our bottom line, we developed a series of corresponding solutions,’ the couple explain. ‘In the end, our work was recognised and praised by them, and a deeper relationship of trust was established between customers with us. Getting feedback that our hard work is being recognised and enjoyed by all our customers has been a rewarding part of the entry process and is the most valued part of our work. As a husband and wife team, winning this award greatly helps to encourage and support us.’

And they also value being part of the Paramount team. 'We are privileged because Paramount Services is a 40‐year‐old company that can be trusted and where we learn a lot. We are not just a franchisee. We have mutual cooperation, trust and an equal relationship with the Paramount head office.’

The judges noted this, saying, ‘Helen and Stanley have rapidly grown their business. Some of the key strengths are their planning around business performance from a financial and process improvement perspective. These are consistently achieved with help from the franchisor. Helen and Stanley actively pursue new business and improve the services they are already delivering.’

Evonne Lal, Paramount Services Auckland

Category sponsored by enableHR


Regional Master Franchisee of the Year
Winner: Viky Narayan, CrestClean South Auckland

Regional master franchises take business to a different level, with master franchisees being responsible for franchise recruitment, training and development in their own area. Viky Narayan is an accountant by profession and has owned his CrestClean business since 2005. He and his wife Nileshna now look after 58 franchises in the South Auckland area.

Viky says that the most rewarding part of the success of his business has been the impact on others. ‘Franchisees earn a great stream of income with work/life balance, and for many of them it helps to purchase their first home.’

This success is the result of combining a well-developed national franchise model with Viky and Nileshna’s own efforts. ‘CrestClean Auckland South is a high-performing and very well managed regional master franchise,’ say the judges. ‘They have excellent tools, systems and processes to support and drive the business and their success is evident in their performance and results across all areas.

‘Some of their key strengths are: a focus on performance through management by fact; looking for new customers across an extremely diverse group of industries; good understanding of customer requirements and delivering to them; staff training, performance review, and mentoring; the active management of franchisees in their area; and ensuring compliance and health & safety are to the fore.’

‘This Award is a great platform of national recognition,’ says Viky proudly. ‘Winning it recognises and rewards all the hard work.’

Carl Compaan, Fastway Couriers Whangarei

Category sponsored by KPMG


Contribution to Community – Franchisee
Winner: Michael Faulkner, Bakers Delight Pukekohe

Michael Faulkner has been part of Bakers Delight Pukekohe since it opened in 2003 and bought the business six years ago. He believes in giving back to his customers.

‘Being a family-owned business, Bakers Delight are very community-minded, which fits nicely with my own values as a person and business owner. We consistently bake great product from scratch every day which is the foundation of our business, but we have also gone out of our way to develop strong relationships with both our customers and the wider community. From local sporting clubs and schools through to community-based charities and causes, we are known as “the local baker who supports the locals,” which is a great reputation to have.

‘We are a tight-knit team here and I can confidently say everyone has played a role in our success. I run the bakery but I couldn’t do it without the support of my wife Natasha and our team of bakers and sales staff. Winning means the world to all of us.’

The judges say, ‘Bakers Delight Pukekohe are able to articulate the link between their reliance on the local community as their customer base and their role as part of that community. In addition to the fund raising that they contribute to through national franchise initiatives, this team goes further by involving themselves in the community which allows them to identify and target those that are less fortunate or requiring assistance. Michael has also created win-win situations that he can use to measure benefits on both sides of the equation.’

And what advice does Michael have for other franchisees? ‘Go hard and support your community as much as you can - without them, your business is nothing!'

Category sponsored by Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre


Contribution to Community – Franchise System
Winner: The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club engages with its communities and franchisees alike through a number of nationally co-ordinated activities. These include Cupcake Day, which sees franchisees creating specially-designed cupcakes in support of the SPCA’s fund-raising campaign; Blue September (Men’s Health) and KidsCan. The latter includes high-profile in-store activity including a special design competition for Christmas cups and napkins.

In our article Good Citizens, director Andy Lucas told Franchise New Zealand that The Coffee Club doesn’t need a direct return on investment if they can see that their actions are contributing to the community, but they do measure the impacts carefully. ‘There are lots of different levers: customers through the door, social media comments and shares, media coverage – they all add up. As long as franchisees, their staff and customers are engaged, you’ll get a very real return at store level.’

The judges say The Coffee Club ‘were able to tell a story of their connection with their community that showed the benefits for all stakeholders involved which were: the recipients of contributions, the franchisor, the franchisee and employees. Furthermore, The Coffee Club appear to have conducted analysis of their various charitable works that allow them to reduce the immediate cost to The Coffee Club while not reducing the level of contribution. A most mature system.’

Bakers Delight
Fastway Couriers

Category sponsored by Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre


Excellence in Marketing
Winner: BurgerFuel

The food & beverage sector is undergoing rapid change, and franchises need to be both quick to adapt, and adept at taking their franchisees and customers along with them. New Zealand’s own BurgerFuel chain has never been afraid of the challenge.

With the rise in popularity and topicality of protein alternatives in the market, the timing was right to develop a limited-time offering that used meat-free beef from an alternative protein supplier, Beyond. The idea that meat-free products are not only good for your health but also good for the planet perfectly aligns with the BurgerFuel ethos.

‘We wanted to create a campaign that had real talkability and would engage both new and existing inquisitive customers to trial a meat-free alternative in a more accessible environment,’ says BurgerFuel. The resulting product, a mini burger called Beyond Beleaf, was a vegan product designed to look, cook, and taste like a fresh beef burger. The accompanying marketing campaign focused heavily on PR and social media, and required the franchise to have a strong understanding of possible customer objections to the new product.

‘BurgerFuel were able to address them while being on brand, demonstrating knowledge/expertise and educating,’ say the judges. 'The campaign not only sold above expectations (requiring the supplier to divert product in order to meet customer demand), but also worked to create an educational piece about the product with strong organic social media presence and word-of-mouth. It continued BurgerFuel’s position as a market leader and innovator.’

Night’n’Day Foodstores
The Coffee Club New Zealand

Category sponsored by Link Business Broking


Excellence in Digital Innovation
Winner: Cobb & Co.

Their focus on technology-driven solutions not only won Cobb & Co. the Retail & Hospitality Franchise System of the Year title – the reborn franchise also picked up the Excellence in Digital Innovation Award.

According to the judges, ‘It is obvious from their entry that Cobb & Co. have spent considerable time in the research of a solution that not only motivates staff to provide better service to customers, but also allows them to reap the benefits of such motivation while providing the organisation with a system that allows performance to be monitored in real time at all restaurants and in the support centre.

‘What Cobb & Co. have done is to use a number of cloud-based applications to add value to all-important areas such as rostering, reporting, inventory control, reputation, operations management and point of sales. Metrics taken from these systems have been incorporated into a single spreadsheet and displayed at all locations as a dashboard on large-screen monitors. In addition, the organisation has incentivised staff through gamification of work, their results immediately seen on the dashboards as a scoreboard showing real time staff bonus levels.’

Category sponsored by Green Acres


Service Provider of the Year
Winner: Franchise Accountants

Founded by Philip Morrison in 2007, Franchise Accountants has now won the Service Provider of the Year Award five times, following previous wins in 2011, 2015, 2017 and 2018. Franchise Accountants is New Zealand’s only Chartered Accounting practice that focuses exclusively on the franchise sector through the delivery of specialised accounting and advisory services to a wide range of franchisee and franchisor clients.

Located in two offices in Auckland, the company serves clients nationwide, with smart use of technology enabling it to communicate with and advise new and existing clients efficiently and effectively.

‘Over the years, Franchise Accountants have continued to contribute to the development of franchisors and their franchises at all stages in their franchise journey,’ say the judges.

‘Of note in this entry has been the identification of all stages in a franchise business, and the services and advice that are most appropriate for each stage. Coupled with their service offerings are a strong commitment to understanding the client’s needs, and the appropriateness of delivery of those services and the value they add. Discussion of the quality of service early in its provision ensures that satisfaction is ensured before getting to the complaint stage.

‘Franchise Accountants utilises a structured, inclusive approach to its vision and planning, with closely aligned strategic objectives and a variety of lead and lag KPIs,’ the judges note.  

Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers
Duncan Cotterill

Category sponsored by Aramex



The Field Manager of the Year Awards recognise the work of those individuals who are the first point of contact for franchisees, helping them set goals and develop their businesses, and enforcing standards when required. Entries were divided into two categories by franchisee turnover.


Under $500,000
Winner: Brett Dennis, Green Acres

Brett Dennis has been a Franchise Business Manager with Green Acres for just under two years, and enjoys feeling that he has made a difference to the franchisees that he supports. He believes the most significant aspect of his job is, ‘Getting the franchisees to buy in to the Green Acres business review system and understand the benefits of doing this for their businesses – not just focusing on profit, but looking at all aspects of the business to enable them to drive their business forward and to meet their goals.’

The judges were clearly impressed, saying: ‘Brett was able to clearly show the use of his sound communication and people skills to achieve his outcomes; his franchisee references highlighted how effective those skills have been. Like all the field manager candidates, he has a process based around a comprehensive annual planning activity. The result is an action plan with SMART objectives broken into long, medium and short-term targets and actions.

‘His application of situational knowledge specific to each franchisee enables him to provide the right level of attention and support to each franchisee to achieve their objectives. The paperless environment that has been created by Green Acres is a great enabler for Brett. He can track performance and be pro-active in his mentoring and coaching. This means Brett engages with each franchisee as frequently as he determines he needs to.

‘The results are where the value of Brett’s work are displayed. It was impressive to see how he could isolate his interaction with the franchisee and track results from that point. His interventions had removed a great deal of worry and concern from several struggling franchisees.’

Rajan Patel, Paramount Services
Tony Burnette, Exceed Franchising


Over $500,000
Winner: Avi Rao, Paramount Services

Paramount Services is an unusual franchise in that they find a lot of the work for their franchisees and negotiate contracts on their behalf. This means that their field managers have a wide brief, helping franchisees and their teams to deliver a quality service every time at thousands of locations around the country. Avi works especially with four key accounts.

‘Avinash Rao’s role includes service provision to clients, usability and applicability of products, mentoring and assisting franchisees, and determination of client requirements and satisfaction,’ say the judges. ‘This has led to him becoming the go-to person for all parties he has connection with, with outcomes of increased productivity, profitability and satisfaction.’

Avi is proud to represent Paramount Services and the high-performing team that he works with. Asked his most significant achievement, he responds: ‘Meeting and exceeding all customer KPIs consistently for our premier client group in the last year, with a client satisfaction ratio of 95 percent and above across all four accounts.’

Avi was also an entrant in this category last year, when he was narrowly beaten by three-times winner Sangeetha Shaikh – also from Paramount.

Colin Robson, Night’n’Day Foodstores
Gavin Carroll, Columbus Coffee

Category sponsored by Franchise New Zealand media



About the Awards

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards are recognised as having some of the most rigorous criteria in the world. Entry is only open to members of the Franchise Association of New Zealand, and entrants go through a comprehensive four-stage process and evaluations by the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation based on internationally-recognised quality criteria. It means that awards winners and finalists can rank themselves among the very best in the world.

The 25th annual Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards were presented at a gala dinner at Cordis, Auckland, on 9th November 2019.

Introducing the Awards, FANZ Chairman Dr Callum Floyd said, ‘Tonight we celebrate the pursuit of franchising excellence in this important area of business. We recognise and celebrate those who are finalists and those who win individual, special and supreme awards.

‘Well done to the individuals and organisations who have entered. The investment in time and effort to enter is considerable. But the pursuit of excellence and competition, and all that entails, are among the most important leadership characteristics for addressing today’s environment.’

Daniel Cloete, Westpac’s National Manager Franchise & Strategic Partnerships, said, ‘Westpac is proud to be the principal sponsor of the 2019 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards, which are now in their 25th year. Our support forms part of our long-standing partnership with the Franchise Association and commitment to driving business excellence in the franchising industry.

‘Westpac also want to take the opportunity to recognise all the participants and winners over the last 25 years. The franchise industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last few decades and has also matured a lot. Strong and prosperous businesses are the building blocks of a stronger New Zealand. As part of our aim to help our customers prosper and grow, Westpac is thrilled to once again be associated with these prestigious awards.’

Results from previous years are available here: 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

See the full Awards history here.

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