White Collar Franchises in NZ

One of the advantages of franchising is that it offers business opportunities of many different types. Experienced executives, managers and sales-people can find a franchise suited to their skills just as easily as someone who wants to mow a lawn or own their own café - although those can be options, too, if you want a change of direction.

Man on phoneThere are opportunities in business coaching, logistics management, telecommunications, property management, home building, finance and plenty more areas. You might also consider developing your own business as a master licensee, developing a national chain and helping others grow their own businesses. 

For someone used to working in a larger company, buying a franchise can make the transition to self-employment much easier by providing proven systems to follow as well as colleagues to discuss issues and ideas with. Many white collar franchises offer the chance to work from home and enjoy flexible hours, so they can suit people taking early retirement or redundancy as well as those who just feel ready to sack the boss.  

When you’re looking for a white collar business, it’s important to do more than ask ‘How much does it cost?’ and ‘What experience do I need? Do your research – we recommend putting in an hour of research for every $1000 that you plan to invest. Apart from talking to the franchisor and asking them lots of questions, it’s also a good idea to talk to franchisees who are already running white collar businesses to get all the information you need before you open your own business. 

While there are many good white collar franchise opportunities for sale, they are all different. Before making your decision, you should consult a lawyer specialising in franchises. You’ll also want to know how much you can make from a white collar business so consult a financial advisor or accountant experienced in franchising. If you need finance, there are a number of banks which specialise in financing franchises.

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