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Sierra Boutique Café

Network of premium cafés specialising in gourmet coffee and freshly prepared food. Sierra still roasts every coffee bean with care, in their Newmarket roastery.

The opportunity

The Sierra Cafés are a Group of like-minded franchisees. One of the attractions for these people is that while this is a franchise, the owners have the opportunity to express themselves.

What they all have in common, is the clear understanding of what customer service is all about, and the desire to deliver it.

The management team help create the café from scratch, with experienced designers, kitchen plans and tried and tested menus.

With all food usually prepared on site, managing your cost of goods is a challenge. To assist with this, every food item presented comes with a detailed cost of goods. Sierra use this cost to ensure that when retail prices are set, appropriate gross margins are achieved.


Training is complete, with new owners required to spend one week in our training centre, followed by up to 2 weeks (with Sierra staff on site) in their own café once this has opened.

This training will ensure that all staff (including owners) are trained to deliver the very high standard of coffee, food and service that is required.

New owners are also assisted through the staff recruitment process to ensure that highly skilled staff are employed in key areas.

Sierra has created advanced sales analysis software that is used as an invaluable management tool, to assist owners and Sierra management understand what is selling, and what needs to change. This is monitored regularly and used as a basis for regular business reviews.

In summary, being a Sierra franchisee means being a part of a team that is focused on helping you deliver great results and great profits.


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