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Make this your winning day, with a chance to join one of the most successful local franchised eateries in New Zealand. With more than 12 years of experience in the food chain industry, Katsubi invites our potential partners to build your dreams and succeed with us.

The opportunity

Since its beginning in 2002 at Rotorua, Katsubi has grown rapidly into a new healthy and delicious operation in more than 21 locations across Aotearoa.

Our founder’s dream, and motto: Katsubi, ‘Winning day’ has gained a foothold in thriving local areas with the signature “Red Bowl”, a unique product notable for its customisable slow-food served with fast and efficient service, all made from fresh, healthy ingredients.

With more than 12 years of experience in the hospitality business, our local brand has emerged successful throughout the fast-changing New Zealand market, gaining both recognition and resources to flourish and expand. 

Katsubi is now actively offering new opportunities for franchisees, inviting our potential partners to build and succeed with us. We offer training and assistance in all areas that you will need for a successful business venture and will stay with you throughout the operation to provide all the support you will need, including marketing, office assistance, and direction of business.

Skills & training

The best thing about the Katsubi franchise is that it’s easy to learn, and you can do it fast. We offer training and share our recipes with anyone who have the passion to learn the sauce. 

We provide all the training in-store, with hands-on experience taught from our head kitchen, along with various programmes and modules that can assist you with how to handle your business. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a background in the culinary industry, we’ll prepare you for everything that you will need.

Areas available

New franchise locations are available across the busy hubs of New Zealand. Anyone with the passion, and the energy to succeed can become an owner of Katsubi, any day, a winning day!

Register your interest now on our web site, www.katsubi.co.nz, or send us an email with your area of interest and contact details.

What do our franchisees say?

“It was smooth, simple, and effective. The team makes sure our investments are at the top of the list when considering many things, from location to operation. The brand management's attention to providing support, as well as knowing the importance of investment and venture was what made us feel confident that this was what we wanted, everything has a system and it works out well overall.”       

Chen, Katsubi Dinsdale.

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