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last updated 24/02/2020

Franchise offers free coffee to reduce waste

last updated 24/02/2020

25 February 2020 – Night ‘n Day runs Free Coffee February to keep single-use cups from New Zealand’s bins

New Zealand's largest convenience store franchise has been offering free coffee to help change consumer behaviour

To help reduce the number of single-use cups headed for landfill and recycling centres, Night ‘n Day embarked on a month-long mission to change consumer habits for the better. Throughout the month of February, Night ‘n Day stores around New Zealand offered free coffee for any customer who presents a reusable cup at the counter. 

‘Each year in New Zealand, almost 300 million single use cups finish their journey at a landfill station,’ says the company, which is the country's largest convenience store franchise. ‘By offering customers their daily fix of caffeine for free (provided it is in a reusable cup presented by the customer), Night ‘n Day are hoping to drastically reduce this number. With no restrictions on the number of times a consumer can make use of this offer, and no limitation on traditional ‘extras’ which are all included (soy milk, double shots etc), customers can be sure that they are receiving the exact coffee that they want without having to pay – all Night ‘n Day ask is that they develop a routine of not leaving home or the office without their reusable cup. With potentially hundreds of dollars to be saved over the course of February for some heavy coffee drinkers, the habit should form quickly.'

125,000 cups saved from waste

 At the time of writing, Night ‘n Day had given away more than 97,000 cups of barista-made coffee from their 53 outlets. With five days left to run in the promotion, Night ‘n Day are confident they will hit 125,000 cups. 

Night ‘n Day has partnered with IdealCup to offer a market leading reusable cup that is made in New Zealand; however in the interests of inclusiveness and widening the scale of the promotion, no caveat exists surrounding the brand or purchase place of the cup presented. If it’s a bona fide reusable cup, Night ‘n Day will fill it for free. 

Franchisees’ positive response

When their network of franchisees were approached last year about running this promotion, the response was overwhelmingly positive, indicating an awareness of business operators from all corners of New Zealand that something can and should be done about mounting environmental issues. The stores that stood to lose the most in coffee sales were among those most eager to push forward with the Free Coffee February initiative. 

Bridget Stevens, Winton Night ‘n Day franchisee, says that the response has been amazing from regular customers and fresh faces alike. ‘It’s really been great for our customers. Before it started, we were anxious to see how it would go and there definitely have been some incredibly busy days of non-stop coffee making, but our locals have loved making use of the promotion and it’s great to see that everyone is on board with what we are doing. When Night ‘n Day General Manager Matt Lane contacted us about the promo, we jumped in head first. We felt we had to, really, and it’s great to see that we’re saving heaps of single use cups as a result.’

Changing perceptions

Night ‘n Day believes this is one big step being taken towards shifting consumer perceptions about reusing cups and other packaging. 

Matthew Lane believes that sustainability has become a key item considered in their decision-making processes. ‘It has been a step in the right direction for us as a company to focus on sustainability. We understand that there are environmental issues that we as a business are contributing to, so we wanted to do something that is bigger than just us. If a customer now uses their keep cup consistently where they didn’t before, we would mark this as a success.’ 

To encourage ongoing use of reusable cups after Free Coffee February, Night ‘n Day are offering a $0.50 discount off any coffee when a customer brings their own reusable cup. 

Night ‘n Day are currently pursuing other avenues and alternatives to further reduce waste, minimise the reliance on single use packaging, and leave a lighter environmental footprint into the future.

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