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Leading The Way 24/7

by Night 'n Day

last updated 30/03/2020

Night ‘n Day is NZ’s largest convenience store franchise – and it’s looking for owners throughout the country

When it comes to getting what you need right now, you can’t beat a good convenience store. Night ‘n Day has 54 franchisee-owned foodstores from Invercargill to Whangarei – some linked to the popular Gull service stations – which provide both in-store service 24/7 as well as online delivery through Uber Eats. Now they are looking to expand further, with opportunities in many parts of the country.

In 1983, Night ‘n Day was created in Dunedin when grocery store owners Andrew and Denise Lane identified that to develop their business in an environment where petrol stations were taking over from the corner dairy, they would need to create a point of difference. They did just that, creating Dunedin’s first dedicated convenience store.

‘We were actually the only 24-hour convenience store in the whole of the South Island,’ recalls Andrew. ‘It worked so well that by 1985 we opened further stores in Christchurch and Invercargill, then further stores in Dunedin, Timaru and Arrowtown. We probably would have stopped there if it hadn’t been for meeting an Australian franchisor and learning about the concept of franchising. We already had a well-proven business model, so we started developing the franchise structure and appointed our first franchisee in 1991.’

Buying power

Almost 30 years later, Night ‘n Day is still New Zealand’s leading retail convenience network. The brand’s customer-winning, profit-generating formula includes a vast range of products: a milk bar, coffee, hot food; fresh cabinet food and a sandwich bar; as well as pharmaceuticals, tourism and hardware items according to location.

The group’s considerable buying power provides franchisees with access to exclusive products and high level supplier agreements, as well as beneficial pricing and support for promotional programmes. Night ‘n Day also has its own brand, Helova, which includes espresso-style coffee, tea, fudge and Frozone, a self-serve frozen yoghurt kiosk with cream freezes and slushies.

‘As you’d expect from a 24/7 operation, Night ‘n Day provides 24/7 support to our family of franchisees,’ says Andrew. ‘We provide full online training and in-store assistance, as well as help with site location, design and fit-out, staff recruitment and launch programmes. There’s ongoing marketing and operational support, supplier liaison and negotiation, and our POS and management systems are highly-developed to minimise admin work. One former franchisee, who joined Night ‘n Day after being an independent operator, reckoned our systems halved her weekly time commitment and removed many stressful tasks from her schedule.’

Night ‘n Day franchises are $300,000-plus depending on the size of outlet, location and product mix. Conversion of an existing store is from $80,000. Finance packages mean levels of equity required can be considerably lower.

‘Our systems mean you don’t need industry experience to succeed as a Night ‘n Day franchisee. As long as you have a strong customer focus, a sense of community and the ability to lead a team and control a business, we’d love to hear from you.’   

Case Study 1

All in the family

In the early 1990s, telecommunications engineer Alan Garrick returned to New Zealand intending to rejoin his old company. That was until the skiing fanatic saw the opportunity to become a near neighbour of Coronet Peak Skifield as the Night ‘n Day franchisee in Arrowtown. ‘In 1992 the Night ‘n Day brand was pretty new – in fact I was the second franchisee,’ says Alan. ‘Although I’d never seen myself owning a convenience store, I could see the tremendous potential and the location was too good to turn down.’

It was the start of a whole new life. In 2017, Alan became the franchise’s first three store owner when he purchased Queenstown’s two Night ‘n Day foodstores and, earlier this year, his son Hamish returned from ski racing overseas to keep it in the family by becoming a Night ‘n Day franchisee in Wellington.

Why did you join Night ‘n Day?

I could see the potential and was impressed with Andrew and Denise as they were operators themselves, as opposed to just owning the system.

What are the benefits of being part of Night ‘n Day?

Being part of a group run by people who want to lead the industry and are focused on franchisee success to generate their own success. Being part of a collective group helps to facilitate new ideas and reduce business risks, including regulatory issues. It’s much more efficient than a stand-alone store, as we have the franchise office doing a large amount of the paper work. They also conduct compliance checks, especially relating to food service, and maintain standards across the group.

What’s the work/life balance like?

We’ve been sustainable for such a long period – 25 years! That’s thanks to the support taking some of the admin workload off us and generally making the business much easier to run.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to join Night ‘n Day?

I can’t imagine not having an ongoing involvement with Night ‘n Day.

Case Study 2

So successful, we bought a second franchise

Manjit Kaur and husband Sukhwinder Singh bought their Night ‘n Day @ Gull in Hewletts Road, Tauranga in 2013. The couple and their three young daughters arrived in New Zealand from England in 2009, settling in Wellington. While Manjit continued her corporate career in recruitment, Sukhwinder combined house husband duties with driving. Wanting to pursue the dream to be in business for themselves, they moved to Tauranga.

‘We weren’t necessarily thinking of a franchise but came across the Night ‘n Day plus Gull combination,’ explains Manjit. ‘Andrew and Denise and the team were wonderful, flying up from Dunedin to visit us at home. With such personal involvement and some serious due diligence, everything felt right.’

And their Tauranga business worked out so well that the couple have just added the Night ‘n Day @ Gull franchise in Lake Road, Rotorua to their business empire. Not surprisingly, Manjit and Sukhwinder are three times Night ‘n Day Franchisee of the Year.        

Why did you join Night ‘n Day?

We found Andrew Lane and his team honest, straightforward and trustworthy. As we hadn’t had our own business before, we appreciated the Night ‘n Day support system.

What are the benefits of being part of Night ‘n Day?

Being part of Night ‘n Day enables us to be a much more efficient business using best practice systems. They bring the benefits of being part of a large organisation, such as preferred supplier agreements, sponsorship by suppliers, marketing strategies, 24-hour support and accounts. This gives us more time to focus on running our actual business.

What’s the work/life balance like?

Initially it was a huge learning curve, working seven days a week to ensure we learned all aspects of it and spend time with our team. Now it’s easier to take time off knowing that if the staff need help then support is available to them from the franchise’s support centre.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to join Night ‘n Day?

We have learned so much by being part of Night ‘n Day. Open and honest communication ensures any concerns you have are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Be open to new ideas and having a go. Ask yourself if you’re the type of person who is able to follow process and procedure. Be positive and open-minded, and there is no reason why you will not be successful.

Case Study 3

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

A few years ago, in the thriving Southland community of Winton, sisters Rebecca Excell and Bridget Stevens took over the local Night ‘n Day store where Bridget had worked for 20 years. Now they’re showing that hard work brings more than financial reward. After being named 2018 and 2019 Franchisee of the Year for the franchise, they were then finalists in this year’s Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards.

The sisters have been so successful they’ve inspired their cousin Brett Fahy in Cromwell to give up building and turn a local dairy into the town’s only Night ‘n Day.

Why did you join Night ‘n Day?

Growing up with Night ‘n Day in Winton, we were familiar with the brand and the franchise system. We also respected the culture of getting out into and giving back to the community.

What are the benefits of being part of Night ‘n Day?

Too many to list! Brand awareness. Support by the head office team. Networking with other Night ‘n Day franchisees. Technology that means most accounting is done by head office. Buying power and procurement. Our field manager, Colin Robson, is very helpful and a very important link to head office. We can’t see any negatives being part of Night ‘n Day.   

What’s the work/life balance like?

We work hard but the rewards are there. I tend to do more administration work while Bridget loves to get behind the counter. We’ve got 22 full- and part-time staff who are all great, so we do get away for family time.  

Do you have any advice for someone looking to join Night ‘n Day?

There’s a real family feel to the franchise, and we want Night ‘n Day to be part of our lives for years to come. For anyone prepared to put in the work it’s a great opportunity.

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