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Night 'n Day Foodstores

The Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise, New Zealand’s leading convenience store chain offers group buying, uniformed image, full staff training, assistance in shop layouts and designs, profit reports, assistance with staff rosters, group advertising and full accounting facilities. New sites and conversion of existing businesses welcomed.

The concept 

Grocery store
New Zealand
Training Provided:
In-shop training, extensive training courses at head office, on-going training support
Marketing Support:
Night ‘n Day have a strong marketing strategy to deliver the best returns in store and ensure customer numbers are always increasing.
Individual, regional, island-wide and nationwide– print, radio, television, internet, yellow pages, sponsorship, mobile etc.
Agreement Terms:
5 years with renewal provision for further 5 years
Investment required:
Minimum of $300,000 of unencumbered funds available at the time of application
Business established:
Franchising commenced:
Stores in New Zealand:

Night ’n Day Foodstores are a franchise business with 54 stores located throughout New Zealand, ranging from Invercargill to Whangarei. The stores are open seven days a week, mostly 24 hours with some franchises operating from the early hours to 11 pm. Night ’n Day Foodstores have a vast product range that stand out including a full bakery, delicatessen, groceries, frozen foods, sandwich bar, bain-marie, hot food, pie selection and café style coffee.

Late 2010 marked a new era for Night ‘n Day, a relationship started with the North Island based Gull petroleum. Within a few short months Night ‘n Day had expanded into the North Island with 21 Gull locations, completely revamping the stores. The fuel channel has been a popular choice for supermarket and convenience store chains overseas and has proven a significant opportunity for Night ‘n Day.

Night ‘n Day’s growth plans are focussed primarily in stand-alone stores but will continue to partner with Gull as they expand. Please click to see Night ‘n Day’s available sites.

The franchise

Franchising with Night ’n Day Foodstores is a way for you to put the methods of an established and successful business to work in your own business enterprise while still enjoying the freedom of independence. With a Night ‘n Day Foodstore you will be working with a proven enterprise and you will have support from a common pool of resources, ideas, information and experience. As the cliché states, you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Night ’n Day Foodstores will give you and your employees full training. We will also provide you with continued support with on-going centralised management expertise that is available to you 24 hours a day, as well as a representative visiting your store on a monthly basis. We also offer you relief management and trained experienced personnel to implement changes in your store.


Some of the benefits of joining our franchise are:

  • Proven increased sales and profitability
  • Improved profit due to the power of group purchasing
  • General accounting and clerical assistance
  • Leading market security systems and procedures
  • Full access to employment material and procedures including 24 hours advice
  • Procedures and assistance relating to financial performance for you to make a financial success of your business
  • Long established supplier relationships
  • Assistance to ensure full product updates
  • Increase in customer flow
  • Public recognition and the security of being part of a group of operators while maintaining much of your independence and autonomy. 

Marketing advantages

Night ’n Day Foodstores are a recognisable “chain” brand with a strong and established presence. Our stores are brightly lit and are renowned for our helpful staff. Our larger marketing budget allows the use of more effective, professional marketing and advertising to promote your business. There are also benefits to your business through group advertising and recognition by the public as a quality foodstore.

Degree of risk

As with all new business ventures there is always a degree of risk. The chance of success in establishing your business with a franchise is significantly greater than as a sole trader. By overseas experience, the failure rate of franchised outlets is likely to be less than 10% in the first five years as opposed to the high failure rate of around 85% by small “go it alone” businesses. In fact within Night ‘n Days history there has only been one ‘failure’.

Look for the FANZ Member sign before you sign
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