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Geotech Information Services

Founded in 2003, Geotech provides strategic network and location planning services to franchised businesses across South East Asia. We have a particular expertise using data and science to help underpin location planning decisions across the retail industry and have worked with many well known international brands.

Who are we?

Established in 2003, Geotech Information Services consults closely with franchised businesses to help put science behind major property planning decisions.

The Directors of Geotech have extensive experience within the QSR/Health/Convenience/Fitness/Fashion and Big Box industries throughout the Australasian region. 

How can we help?

Major retail planning decisions require broad industry experience both within and outside of the franchising industry. 

Geotech combines a statistical, analytical and proven methodology to provide unbiased expert advice and support to SME’s, mid sized and brands that operate large networks of bricks and mortar stores.

Often we are brought in to assist the brand to better understand why there is a variance in store sales performance. In other words, why do some stores over and others under perform?

Our research and insights can assist a business to focus on the key sales drivers that impact store sales performance, so that they are asking the right questions when reviewing new site locations.

We can also assist by building sales forecasting models to more accurately assess the sales potential of any new site, and the level of cannibalisation if located too close to another store.

We can also provide strategic planning to help the brand identify new sites in the markets of interest. This work can be done in New Zealand, and other international markets of interest. 

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Why should you seek our advice?

  • Geotech has 75 years combined experience in the franchise sector
  • We have a particular expertise within the QSR and food industry
  • We can provide tailored industry specific reports 
  • Our methodology involves sophisticated analytical processes ensuring high degree of accuracy
  • We provide on the ground account management experience
  • We are a company that uses cutting edge data to underpin our insights

Who do we work with?

Among other businesses, these are some of the franchised brands we work with throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia:

Ben & Jerry’s, BurgerFuel Group, Flight Centre, Kathmandu, KFC, McDonald’s, Nandos, Snap, Taco Bell, The Coffee Club

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