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My After School Headquarters (MASH)

Make a difference in children’s lives today. Be one of the people who joins this rapidly growing franchise of out-of-school programmes. If you enjoy working with children, helping them learn, grow and have fun, then a MASH franchise could be for you.

MASH (My After School Headquarters) is a premium provider of out of school programmes with the overarching company goal: “To offer semi-structured out of school programmes in a stimulating, exciting and safe environment where children can not only have fun, learn and develop, but also have exposure to new experiences and opportunities”.

MASH International Limited (MASH) as the franchisor of MASH programmes have a clear plan for the business which has five key elements, these being, to:

1. Be regarded as delivering the world’s best Out of School Programmes.
2. Always deliver on promises/truth.
3. Become leaders in our sector and make a positive difference to children and their families.
4. Add genuine value to: tamariki, parents/caregivers, schools, communities, the education system and government.
5. Create the ‘coolest’ place tamariki actively desire to be part of.

The opportunity

Within the MASH family we have a saying ‘we create the opportunity for children to grow and shape their futures – we are not a babysitting service’.  This underpins our belief that successful programmes are built and operated by people who really enjoy working with tamariki to support them to grow as unique individuals that will positively contribute to society in the future.  If you are one of those people who is dedicated to delivering this kind of service and environment, in a fun, exciting and stimulating context then owning a MASH programme franchise could be for you.

Our understanding and belief regarding out of school programmes and the team that delivers them, is that they are:

Child centred

To be clear, we are a real out of school programme business, sharing our passion with unique people and passionate parents.

What we present to you… in a nutshell… how you can become a franchisee: This relationship we would value greatly. A unique model that is truly about creating unique programmes for all children and providing genuine support for whanau. You would be taking this model, and together as a group, we will forever be looking for new, better and innovative ways to ensure we stay ahead of market trends – ultimately leading the out of school programme sector – our way.

Your business is stand alone and operates as your MASH programme. With this, there will be guidelines in which you will need to work within. These guidelines are in place to protect you as much as us – however ultimately, they are in place to ensure consistency and high quality is met, protecting the brand and what is delivered to our tamariki.

Skills & training

Prior to the opening of the MASH programme, the programme manager and one other staff member must attend and complete to MASH’s satisfaction a series of training courses on the operations of a MASH programme, delivered at such time and place as mutually agreed by both MASH and the franchisee. Training courses are either delivered by MASH or approved suppliers either in person or via Information Technology sources.

Training will include:

MASH Induction
Behaviour Management
Management Training
First Aid Training
Child Protection
Health & Safety
Any other training necessary to ensure you feel confident and capable operating your MASH Programme franchise.

Ongoing support and training will be provided.

Areas available

Contact us now to discuss opportunities in your region.

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