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Gloria Jean's Coffees

We're proud to be an international award-winning company. We attribute our success to our strong network of Master Franchise Partners. Nobody works alone. We provide excellent training, a proven franchise model, along with ongoing support to help their business grow from strength to strength.

Own your dream café

Gloria Jean’s Coffees are welcomed globally and maintain a strong commitment to making our local coffee houses a community success story. You can see that coffee and people are our passion. We are proud to play a significant part in the happiness of our guests’ days by knowing just how they like their coffee before they even ask. Then there’s always something new to taste, familiarity, and product innovation – it’s what keeps our guests coming back for more.


Since first entering the Australian market in 1996, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is now a global success story, serving guests in more than 700 coffee houses across over 40 territories worldwide.

Where consumers were once satisfied with a simple cup of coffee, that’s certainly not the case anymore. They are looking for quality gourmet speciality coffee, which Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers, a Good Cup, every time. With research, our product range has evolved alongside globally changing tastes and trends.

Innovation is our heartland – it keeps things fresh for our guests and helps boost sales year-round.

Why choose Gloria Jean’s Coffees?

Our established relationships with vendors mean we can purchase exclusive coffees, supplies, and merchandise at competitive prices.

From handpicking our coffee beans to handcrafting each individual cup, our brand delivers exceptional coffee worldwide.

Leading edge, thanks to over two decades of market experience, ongoing research and development.

Always keeping our brand top of mind with year-round marketing, advertising, and innovation.

Ethically sourced coffees in collaboration with farmers that support sustainable coffee growing communities.

Never standing still, yet continually researching and updating our products to lead the way in trends and excite guests with new taste sensations.

Our state-of-the-art coffee roasting facilities and in-house coffee expertise ensures our Master Franchise Partners receive consistent quality coffee, to provide guests with premium coffee experiences on every visit.

Our store formats

The flexibility of our coffee house design means that all formats can be adapted to a broad range of locations and localised to suit individual markets. General store format options include:

  • Kiosk: 20-30m2
  • Small coffee house: 30-40m2
  • Large coffee house: 80-130m2
  • Drive thru: 100-150m2

Areas currently available 

Bayfair Shopping Centre

The reinvented Bayfair Shopping Centre boasts with it's cool urban coastal vibe has expanded with an additional 30+ specialty stores, with a strong focus on the Kiwi and international fashion and lifestyle. Located on the corner of Maunganui & Girven Roads, Mt Maunganui – Bayfair Shopping Centre is easy to get to by car or public transport.

Ormiston Town Centre

Located within the wider Flat Bush area in East Auckland, New Zealand, Ormiston Town Centre is the central hub that will service and support Ormiston, one of Auckland’s fastest growing suburbs. The location enjoys a huge catchment of 1.19 million residents within a 30-minute drive time and a 42% growth predication in the primary catchment. Anchored by The Warehouse, New World, Hoyts Cinemas, and a collection of well-established national retailers. The town centre will boast bold contemporary designed spaces with arcades and strong transport links.

A taste of our menu

As the coffee specialists from bean to cup, we offer 30 varieties of single origins, blends, flavoured infusions and decaffeinated whole bean coffees to be enjoyed at home. Our drink range includes exclusive tea offerings, refreshing iced coffees, iced blended drinks, indulgent specialties, and alternative brews!

We invest in consumer research to ensure our beverages and merchandise offerings keep up-to-date with trends and support sales.

Our Espresso range serves handcrafted hot beverages made from our exclusive coffee blends. Our range includes all the classics from Cappuccino to Macchiato, to specialties like our Caramelatte and the delectable Crème Brûlée Latte.

Our Favourites range include Hot Chocolates, exquisite signature blend Teas, a special Kids’ menu and the option to customise your own coffee.

Our Chiller range offers refreshing Chillers, including Espresso Chillers with a twist like our Mudslide Mocha, Over Ice options such as our Signature Iced Coffee or Iced Tea, Fruzies™ being fruit chillers, and a selection of chocolate-based Chillers.

Cold Brew, Nitro Coffee, Over Ice.

In addition to our drink menu, we also have a high quality and appetising food menu that can be adapted to suit each market, designed to complete the perfect experience. Fresh ingredients, old time favourites, modern twist.

About Café Coffee & Bakery Systems

Esquires Café is now a proud member of the Café Coffee & Bakery Systems (NZ) Ltd, a collective of iconic brands such as The Coffee Guy, Brumby’s Bakery, Café2U, and Esquires Café franchise systems located throughout Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. This wealth of experience, knowledge, and capability manifests in an exciting café franchise that is Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

Call Andrew Morgan on 0800 894 199 if you have any questions or if you would like to have a chat about your opportunities with Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you bring your café dream to life, please fill out the query form below.


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