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last updated 05/02/2024

Franchise New Zealand media changes hands

last updated 05/02/2024

24 January 2024 – Franchise New Zealand has joined forces with Eden Exchange to take its multi-media platforms into a new era 

The sale of Franchise New Zealand to Eden Exchange NZ Holdings Ltd took place before Christmas, with ‘business as usual’ being the message from all concerned. 

‘Eden Exchange is already heavily involved in the franchise sector in Australia, and is a great fit with our existing business,’ says Simon Lord, the founder of Franchise New Zealand. ‘This is an exciting development for the whole of the $36.8 billion franchise sector in New Zealand.

Franchise New Zealand has always focused on promoting franchising, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise model, and educating potential buyers about what is available and what to look for. Eden Exchange continues that process at the next level, bringing together franchise buyers, re-sellers, franchisors and brokers in a way that streamlines the process for all concerned without taking away that all-important human element. We’re looking forward to learning from each other and enhancing our services.’

The change of ownership will give Franchise New Zealand access to the larger Eden Exchange network, with the new owners bringing added resources and expertise to the business, especially in the digital arena, so expect to see developments there over time. As Rachel Hunter would say, ‘It won’t happen overnight – but it will happen.’

In the meantime, there will be no changes for clients, new advertisers and readers alike. Franchise New Zealand will continue to be locally-based with the same people involved. Any questions about anything? Just contact us, as always.

We look forward to sharing the benefits of this latest move with everyone involved or interested in franchising throughout the country.

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