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by Flooring Design

last updated 07/12/2023

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Inside Track

by Flooring Design

last updated 07/12/2023

People in the know choose a Flooring Design franchise

Starting a brand-new business two days before the first lockdown in March 2020 would worry most people, but Dave and Marcia Bragg just shrugged. ‘We knew it would end, we had faith in the franchise, and we knew we were in the perfect position to profit later on.’ 

They were right – three years later, their Flooring Design outlet in Whakatane is among the top performers of the Kiwi franchise’s 23 stores, with a multi-million dollar turnover.

Dave’s confidence came from many years working in the flooring industry. ‘I knew all the retail groups and their models, and Flooring Design looked to be a very good option. They offer a wide range of top quality flooring products, carpet, vinyls and timber, with great service and great prices. From a franchisee’s perspective, there are excellent systems and support, and a real family feel, too. It’s a winning formula!’

Dave knew the brand from the inside. ‘I had been working at Flooring Design in Rotorua for three years when one of our major suppliers pointed out there was a gap in the market in Whakatane. Marcia and I applied and we got the nod.’

Marcia was very savvy on the financial side, had been in the banking industry as a business manager for twenty years, and has found her change of career to be entirely profitable. ‘I joined Dave in the new store about nine months after it opened and we’ve been riding a wave of success ever since,’ she says. ‘We quickly needed a storeman, then shortly after we took on two more full-time staff to help us to handle all aspects of house visits, quoting and installation management.’

Residential and commercial

The lockdowns meant that people who were unable to travel decided to spend their money on renovations instead. ‘Flooring is an essential part of that,’ says Dave, ‘and the boom got our name out there. Whakatane is small enough that you can quickly get a reputation – good or bad! – so we worked at making sure ours was a good one. Today, we get a lot of repeat business through referrals and word-of-mouth.’

The impressive sales have come not just from the residential market – Flooring Design franchisees also handle commercial contracts. ‘We’ve just done a new office building in town, as well as sports clubs, schools and marae,’ says Dave. ‘We’re well connected with the local builders who know they can rely on us to be on time and on budget, so we are first choice for many of their projects.’

Dave and Marcia are highly visible in the community. ‘We joined a business network, and we sponsor the karaoke club at the RSA, local golf and tennis tournaments, the bowling club, and other local events. There’s a local radio station with just the right demographic, and Flooring Design has a memorable jingle so that puts us out there, too.’

And there’s another member of the marketing team – Indie, their dog, who welcomes every customer to the store. ‘She’s very obedient when we call her, but 99 out of 100 customers say, “Oh, let her come and say hello…” She’s become very well-known around the town.’

Dave and Marcia are more than content with their new business, as it has enabled them to pursue activities they both love. ‘We love living in Whakatane,’ Marcia says. ‘The business is going great, Dave enjoys acting as a Rugby League referee, and I love the gardening I’ve taken up since moving here.’

Hot opportunities

Flooring Design now has opportunities available for franchisees to open new outlets in several key areas, including greenfield sites throughout the South Island, and some locations in Auckland and Wellington.

‘We offer a number of unique advantages,’ says Jeremy Yeoman, the company’s Managing Director. ‘There are no ongoing royalty fees, as the franchise and support services are funded by percentage rebates from our preferred, quality suppliers. That means every cent of profit you earn is yours.

‘You don’t have to worry about the accounting side either – that’s all handled centrally, saving you at least 20 hours a week in book-keeping, including bill payments and taxation. This leaves you free to concentrate on your business and your customers, as Dave and Marcia have done so well.

‘Our management information systems make it easy to stay in control of your business and client base, and swap tips with other franchisees in the group. And on top of all that, we also have a full-time team working on exclusive supplier deals, product updates and marketing – including Dave’s favourite jingle.’

The investment required varies between $100,000 and $200,000 depending on territory. ‘We are looking for owner/operators rather than passive investors – people with personality who are driven and determined to make it work,’ Jeremy affirms. ‘Dave and Marcia have demonstrated just how well Flooring Design works in a medium-sized town, and we are looking for more people who can duplicate their success elsewhere. 

‘We have a great mix of skills and backgrounds among our franchisees, so if you think this could be the opportunity for you, contact me and find out more.’   

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