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last updated 09/04/2021

McDonald’s reveals impressive NZ shopping list last year

last updated 09/04/2021

9 April 2020 - McDonald’s New Zealand has revealed it spent $156.9 million on ingredients ordered from New Zealand’s primary industries in 2020. A further $222.5 million of produce was exported, bringing the total spent with Kiwi producers by McDonald’s to $379.4 million. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the announcement of Alert Level 4 in March 2020 caused the closure of all 170 McDonald’s restaurants – some for the first time since they opened. Despite the four-week closure, the Macca’s shopping list still made a significant contribution to local growers and the New Zealand economy. McDonald’s annual shopping list includes: 

  • Over 10 million kilograms of potato products were purchased and consumed locally in 2020 - the equivalent weight of 900 city buses;
  • 10.55 million free-range eggs were used last year - that’s enough to cross the length of the Auckland Harbour Bridge 514 times 
  • 5.3 million litres of milk were purchased for local restaurants - enough to fill 88 standard swimming pools 
  • In addition to the 6.03 million kilograms of beef used locally in 2020, 25.31 million kilograms was exported globally to other McDonald’s markets - the equivalent weight of Auckland’s Sky Tower 

‘It’s great to see our yearly contribution to the New Zealand economy sitting at $156.9 million, even with our four-week closure in lockdown,’ says McDonald’s Managing Director Dave Howse.  ‘We are proud of our long-term supplier relationships, and in 2020 nearly 90 percent of all the food we served was manufactured in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.’ 

Kiwi produce is also exported to overseas markets including Australia, Asia and the United States. McDonald’s global markets purchased an $222.5 million of New Zealand produce in 2020, an increase of $30.5 million from 2019. 

‘This increase is largely due to the demand for New Zealand beef from overseas markets, where beef production slowed down due to the pandemic’ says Howse.  ‘A total spend of nearly $380 million across locally-used and exported produce by McDonald’s, and continued support of our suppliers, is something of which we’re very proud. In fact, we’ve just launched a new advertising campaign that celebrates the quality ingredients that are ordered from here.’

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