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last updated 09/12/2020

Building Great Franchisor Teams

by Franchize Consultants

last updated 09/12/2020

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Every franchisor company needs a Franchise Support Office (FSO) team which is properly resourced, well-focused and equipped with the right skills for the job. Without this, they won’t be able to work with franchisees as productively as they could in maximising their potential and implementing initiatives for the benefit of both franchisor and franchisees.

‘An important part of building a great FSO team is providing training and development opportunities specific to each team member’s role,’ says Dr Callum Floyd of Franchize Consultants. ‘There are many areas which are unique to franchising: franchisor leadership and planning; recruitment marketing and onboarding; relationship management; marketing fund management; franchisee performance development; field visits; franchisee compliance; resale procedures; franchise advisory councils – and more!’

It means there’s a lot to learn. Callum offers the following tips according to what stage of development you are already at.

New franchisors

Running a franchise system is different from a company-owned business. Franchising needs to be understood, planned and managed as an additional business model to your established business.

It is essential that you know how to start correctly, plan your model well, recruit only suitable franchisees and provide the necessary support to help them develop. Because many new franchisors are small, often consisting of the original founder (plus maybe one key staff member), it is important they understand how to execute the required roles, as well as learning the type of challenges that will be faced and how to address them.  

For this reason, Franchize Consultants regularly runs a two-day Managing a Franchise System training programme in Auckland. This provides attendees with a good broad understanding of how to manage many key franchisor functions and processes.

Established franchisors

While established franchisor leaders and general managers can benefit from this overview of key franchise management functions, mature franchise systems also need to be able to access training for specialist support roles which are required as the franchise grows.

One such area is field management, where managers work with franchisees to support the development of the business. This is a challenging role which can impact greatly upon the success of both franchisee and franchisor. It is also highly specialised, meaning many aspects need to be properly addressed in order to work productively with franchisees.

Because of the level of specialisation and level of detail required with this role, Franchize Consultants regularly runs three dedicated days of training, including a) Field Management Foundations, b) Improving Franchisee Performance, and c) Franchisee Business Planning.      


Callum sums up: ‘In any franchise, your team has the potential to help make or break the business, impacting short, medium and long-term returns for you and your franchisees. Make sure that you and they can see the big picture and are properly trained for the challenges that are sure to come. Contact us to find more information and dates for our next courses.’   

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