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last updated 06/10/2020

Eat Fighter: rivals co-operate in battle of the brands

last updated 06/10/2020

7 October 2020 – Two of New Zealand’s best-known food franchises are going head-to-head to win customers

The Roundhouse Ram is BurgerFuel's entry

In an unusual joint promotion between two rival companies, Hell and BurgerFuel are going head-to-head in ‘Eat Fighter – Battle of the Brands’. Each brand will use a hero ingredient - slow-cooked Oamaru lamb - to create a limited-time product.

The concept is a nod to nostalgic arcade gaming of the mid-90s and has been built up via social media. After a week or so of light-hearted banter back and forth on Facebook, BurgerFuel graffitied Hell’s prized 1968 Cadillac hearse, while Hell gave BurgerFuel’s Cuba Street store a devilish makeover in a late-night covert operation.

Hell and BurgerFuel both originated in 1990s New Zealand, each offering a combination of quality product and edgy marketing which established a cult following. They grew into national companies and household names thanks to their network of locally-owned franchises.

The idea for Eat Fighter was born when Hell and BurgerFuel co-incidentally released their own versions of a Reuben Sandwich shortly after Level 4 Lockdown.

Hell’s Silencer is loaded with slow-cooked Oamaru lamb on a kawakawa harissa base, with spinach, red onion, tomatoes, and feta, finished with mint & horopito aioli. BurgerFuel’s Roundhouse Ram features braised Oamaru lamb shoulder with sweet mint sauce, smashed crumbed pea bites, sautéed onions, fresh sliced tomato, batch brewed tomato relish and free-range BurgerFuel aioli, all housed in an artisan wholemeal bun.

Nikki Soons, Marketing Manager for BurgerFuel, says they’re leaving nothing on the table and have put forward their fiercest competitor.

‘This month we’re turning 25 years young – we’re stoked to mark this milestone by collaborating with another like-minded brand. Hopefully, we’ll tempt Hell fans to see the light and convert to BurgerFuel. In our opinion, nothing beats a burger, and we think our Roundhouse Ram will be a KO,’ says Nikki.

 Ben Cumming, CEO of Hell, says this new battle is the first time two competing companies like this have worked so closely on a new release.

‘Normally we keep these secrets close to our chests. For Eat Fighter, the rules of engagement have been agreed to by both companies – including what protein we’re using – and co-designing some of the creative elements. We’re also showcasing NZ produce in both our creations, which is at the heart of what we both do,’ says Ben.

BurgerFuel’s Roundhouse Ram and Hell’s Silencer are available from today until 31 October, or while stocks last.

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