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last updated 28/09/2020

Building great franchise teams - NZ seminars

last updated 28/09/2020

Three seminars being held online and in person in October are designed to give franchisor teams the tools they need to help franchisees get the most out of their businesses.

The sessions, run by multi-award-winning Auckland experts Franchize Consultants, are designed to respond to real-life challenges and help answer real-life questions. They are facilitated by three of the company's most experienced consultants: Michelle Bentham, who has many years of operational experience with McDonald’s and Subway; Dr Callum Floyd, who has led franchise system development and improvement projects for local and international franchises across a range of business sectors; and Graham Elliott, who has substantial senior management and consulting experience with network business models including  Placemakers, Life Pharmacy, Unilever, Reckitt & Colman and Smith & Nephew.

They cover:

  • Improving franchisee performance
  • Managing a franchise system
  • Franchisee business planning for field managers

Improving Franchisee Performance for Field Support Representatives - online

Thursday 8 and Tuesday 13 October (1-5pm)

This building block for Field Managers is focused on helping them engage with franchisees more effectively, productively, and profitably. This programme enables them to better understand performance information (including financial and non-financial KPIs). It also helps them work through benchmarking and sensitivity analysis, and franchisee development processes. 

The current environment highlights the importance of understanding and managing franchisee performance. In turn, franchisors who actively engage with franchisees on performance information have the basis to forge more co-operative, meaningful and productive relationships – benefiting both parties.

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Franchisee Business Planning- online

Tuesday 20 and Tuesday 27 October (1-5pm)

This is aimed at upskilling field managers on effective business planning with franchisees. It provides them with valuable background and skills to engage with franchisees, encouraging effective business planning and business plan implementation.

Benefits are an improved understanding of:

The purpose of franchisee business planning and the process
The elements of the business plan, along with associated data requirements
How to best assist franchisees to complete a business plan and then achieve the objectives
Strategies to overcome common franchisee business planning objections

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Managing a Franchise System - in person

Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November, Auckland)

What does it take to become a successful franchisor? What are the many functions and activities a franchisor must undertake to manage a great franchise system? This training programme  teaches the fundamentals of managing a franchise system and provides franchisor executives with core knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a franchise network and earn the on-going respect and co-operation of franchisees.

Course attendees will learn the many, varied and changing core roles associated with managing and building a franchise system over time, covering key issues from strategy through to implementation, from franchisor planning to recruitment and onboarding, communication, compliance management, marketing, performance management and exits.

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