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last updated 30/08/2018

Mobile payments made easier for franchisees

last updated 30/08/2018

August 2018 – Small to medium business owners and franchisees can now receive card payments, send invoices, quotes and receipts using Westpac NZ’s updated Get Paid app and secure card reader.

A secure card reader and the GetPaid app are all franchisees need to go to their customers

The Get Paid app allows small and medium businesses to go where their customers are and to receive payments without the immediate stress of paper processing. ‘It’s simple to set up and easy to use,’ says Westpac NZ chief product officer Shane Howell. ‘Once customers apply for and receive a Westpac NZ-issued secure card reader, they simply pair it with Bluetooth to the Get Paid app on their Apple or Android smartphone and they’re good to go. It frees them up to manage their business on the go, anytime and anywhere.’

Daniel Cloete, Westpac’s National Franchise Manager, says that the new service is a perfect solution for franchisees who don’t need full merchant facilities with dedicated eftpos machines. ‘Let’s say you do a couple of Home Shows in your area every year, or have a seasonal pop-up store or some other event. All you need is the card reader and the app on your phone and you can do business anywhere without ongoing merchant fees.’

Shane Howell comments, ‘We’ve noticed that cash usage has reduced significantly with many people preferring to use mobile payment methods to buy things. This is an exciting area where emerging technology enables us to give our small to medium business customers the freedom to conduct their business quickly and efficiently, wherever they are.

‘Small business owners are often pressed for time and they need flexibility with where and how they take payments without the drawback of high fees. Get Paid has been designed for business owners who want to be able to receive a payment immediately after a product or service has been bought, without adding to their paperwork.’

‘The simple pricing structure allows Westpac small business customers to work anywhere in the country. Business owners can select different levels of access for staff members on their own phones. The reduction in cash handling frees up time taken for banking and reconciling accounts.’

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