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V.I.P. Home Services

Professional home services franchise providing flexible, multi-serviced businesses. Work either indoors or outdoors. Exclusive territories with established customers. Providing a lifestyle choice for over 40 years.

The opportunity

Actively seeking area master franchisees for both lawnmowing and cleaning throughout NZ. Comprehensive training and support provided.

VIP people baner

It's the Kiwi dream, to be your own boss. To own your own business. For some reason, owning a home based business that gives us freedom, flexibility and a great lifestyle, is the stuff we all dream of.

The tough part is starting a business that is successful. One that makes money and you don't have to put in 60 or 70 hours a week.  And one that is still in business next year and the year after.

You might have heard that most new businesses fail within the first 3 years. That's a sad statistic, but there is some good news - franchised businesses have a 3-year survival rate of 94% (2001 Survey of Franchising - National Bank & Franchise Association of New Zealand).

Even if you have never really thought about running your own lawn mowing, garden care, house cleaning or property maintenance business don't worry. VIP will teach you everything thing you need to know to be successful.

There are many options in the Home Services industry, with at least 10 different franchise systems to choose from - see our website for further details.

Franchisee comment

Just over seven years ago, Grant invested $23,000 to buy a V.I.P. Home Services lawnmowing franchise in West Auckland. "It was an incredibly low investment for a business that’s now averaging over $10,500 a month,’ he says. ‘I don’t employ staff, I mostly work just 35 hours a week and quite often I do a 4-day week, so I’ve got an executive income from a lifestyle business!’"
Grant Bailey


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