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by Simon Lord

last updated 17/08/2018

NZ’s international franchisors share their secrets - PODCAST

by Simon Lord

last updated 17/08/2018

August 2016 – Four of New Zealand’s top international achievers came together at the Franchise Conference for a gripping panel session on how to expand overseas. Their message? ‘Just do it!’

Aaron Toreson has taken Link Business Broking from a single office in Ellerslie to Australia, South Africa, the US and the Philippines

The International Achievers panel was a definite highlight of the Franchise Conference in Tauranga as four highly-experienced exporters – three of them franchisors – shared the successes and challenges of international expansion in a very candid fashion. 

The four panellists were:

Aaron Toreson of Link Business
Bruce Speers of Fastway Couriers
Stuart Deeks formerly of Esquires
Tim Alpe of Jucy Rentals

Together, the four have expanded their companies into overseas markets as diverse as China, Saudi Arabia, the US, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, Ireland, the UK and more. As Stuart Deeks said, ‘The only reason NZ franchises are not all over the world is that we go, “Oh, it’s too far, it’s too hard” – but it’s not! It’s mind-blowing how easy it is.’

The session was sponsored by Franchise New Zealand and chaired by our editor, Simon Lord. Topics included reasons for expansion, determining markets, finding local partners, handling cultural differences and much, much more. You can listen to the whole fascinating 55 minutes here:

International Achievers Podcast   

Over 120 people attended the sold-out Franchise Conference to be enlightened, entertained, encouraged and enthused by a line-up of top speakers from some of New Zealand’s top franchise brands. The theme this year was Building Your Brand - read our review here.

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