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by Simon Lord

last updated 25/07/2011

SUPPORT KIT for franchisees hit by disaster

by Simon Lord

last updated 25/07/2011

July 2011 - Ree Anna Chapman of the Franchise Relationships Institute has reminded delegates to the National Franchise Conference that the FRI offers a free Franchisee Support Kit to assist franchisors and others wanting to help franchisees and families affected by disasters.

The kit contains tips, strategies and practical guidelines for providing two important types of support – business and psychological. Business support is needed to assist franchisees assess their current situation, create a plan of action to minimise the commercial damage to their business and, if possible, rebuild. Emotional support is just as important. Originally produced to assist those affected by the Queensland floods, the kit includes advice based on psychological research on the best ways to help people affected by traumatic events and also things to avoid.

Download the free kit

‘For many franchisees, their business is not just a source of livelihood; it is a source of pride and a source of meaning and purpose,’ sayss Greg Nathan of the FRI. ‘Many franchisees have literally invested their life savings and made significant sacrifices to build their businesses over a period of years with the hope that one day they will be able to retire comfortably. So the sense of shock, heartbreak and loss is understandable when a franchisee’s business is seriously damaged by a sudden act of nature, such as a flood, that is beyond anyone’s control.’

‘Unfortunately, despite the best will in the world, some of these businesses will not fully recover. This may be due to the extent of the damage to the business, the emotional impact on the franchisee and their family, or a mixture of both. The first part of the healing process will involve the franchisee coming to terms with this sudden change in their business and life situation. The next part of the process will be the franchisor and franchisee taking stock of whether reopening the business in its current form is a realistic and viable option. And, if so, starting the rebuilding process.’

‘The kit provides a practical reference point for franchisor executives, field managers, friends and colleagues to use in helping those affected to work through a number of important issues and find a way forward.’

The Franchisee Support Kit can be downloaded free here.

Other New Zealand sources of information and assistance

Response Information & Essential Services

Environment Canterbury


TelstraClear - Local reports on road closures, food shops, petrol and requests for help

Wellbeing Support Services

Earthquake and Emergency Assistance

  • The Ministry of Social Development's main web page for helping those affected by the earthquake. It includes where to go if you need urgent emergency assistance.

Health, safety and employment relations

  • Information and checklists from the Department of Labour designed to get your business back up and running safely.

Work and Income's Canterbury earthquake support page

  • Includes links to information about financial assistance you and your family may qualify for and information about the earthquake income support subsidy.


The IRD has promised to take a flexible approach  to quake-hit individuals and families.

Housing Emergency Lease Programme (HELP)

  • Information for property owners interested in offering accommodation, or Canterbury residents needing temporary accommodation.

Ministry of Health - quake counselling and support services

  • Factsheets to help you, your family and community understand common emotional reactions to the earthquake and learn positive ways of coping.

Traumatic incident advice

  • Advice from the Ministry of Education Traumatic incident information and advice for schools following the Canterbury earthquake, share these tips with parents, whānau and your school community.

Helping adolescents and coping personally

  • Support fact sheets developed by Massey University are available for download in either PDF or MS Word format.


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Order a Print Copy