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Buy an NZ franchise for Ecomist - franchises for sale now.

Ecomist is an exciting business opportunity, based on both website and face-to-face sales of automated insect control and odour control fragrancing systems and products, to both commercial and residential customers; accompanied by the provision of residential and commercial pest control services.

Funding info

Pre-purchase Report

Listing information is supplied by that particular entity. You are advised to confirm the accuracy of the listing and the FANZ membership status of any entity. Neither the sponsors of this Directory nor FANZ nor the publisher accept responsibility for any omissions or errors.

The opportunity

Ecomist's franchise business model includes direct website sales and fulfilment of automated dispensers and Ecomist branded aerosol products to residential customers, commercial sales and servicing of automated dispensers, along with full pest control services to both residential and commercial customers.

Running an Ecomist franchise involves everything you would expect in a small business: planning, sales (cold calling, phoning etc), marketing, administration (order taking, packaging, posting) and managing staff (for bigger franchises).

Success is dependent on the franchisee’s ability to keep in touch with their customers via telemarketing/internet, offering exceptional service and leaving no room for the opposition.

Ecomist has built a reputation for being a high-quality product, offering consistent, reliable performance, making it a relatively easy product to sell. In addition, as an Ecomist franchisee you will need to have (or be prepared to achieve) a Level 3 Urban Pest Management qualification, to be able to provide the range of pest control services Ecomist offers to its customers. 

An Ecomist franchise is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to have a ‘hands-on’ operation and be in charge of their own financial destiny. There are significant growth opportunities, especially in the commercial sector, for a motivated entrepreneur to take advantage of.

Ecomist product is positioned at the top end of the market, attracting buyers in the mid to upper socio-economic brackets. Premium products demand premium performance, support, service and most importantly premium people. We operate under strict brand guidelines to ensure the premium nature and reputation of our product is protected at all times. 


Ecomist’s product range is built upon our automated aerosol dispensers, which are the most technologically advanced on the market today. Our aerosol range is split into two main lines: Insect Control and Odour Neutraliser Fragrancing.

On top of this we also offer a small range of high quality hygiene based products including hand sanitiser and an aerosol surface disinfectant.

Ecomist is owned by Damar Industries, a large Rotorua-based manufacturing company specialising in aerosols, road marking paints, chemicals and cleaning products. Our Ecomist range of aerosol and sanitiser products are manufactured here in New Zealand, at the Damar plant.


Three user-friendly, battery-operated dispensers that work on a “set and forget” basis cover our market perfectly.
For residential use we have the E4, our standard offering for 250 ml cans. These are ideal for use in most homes and have two program settings.
For business and heavy-duty/industrial use we have two options that are fully programmable - the Midi Pro (using 250 ml aerosol cans) and its “Big Brother” Maxi Pro which takes a larger 650 ml aerosol can. 


We are perhaps best known for our aerosol Insect Killer, with Natural Pyrethrins, used in our automated dispensers, but we also have a range of other products for keeping insects under control. These include a surface spray, a personal insect repellent and an infestation “fogger” product.


Ecomist has an extensive range of 35 exquisite French perfumes combined with an odour neutraliser that make up our odour control and fragrancing range. These are available in 250 ml and 650 ml aerosol cans and are for use in our automated dispensers.

In addition, we have an odour-neutralising “fogger”-type product that eradicates odours in one application.

Skills & training - what we're looking for 


Best suited to a husband and wife team or a partnership (two people with different skill sets i.e.; one with sales skills, one with business or accounting skills) who are happy to share their successes and feed off the success of others.


You need the ability to take on an existing business and grow and develop it, so will need sound basic business acumen/financial awareness.


You will make your money by selling products, so sales experience with a proven track record and passion for selling is necessary. You need to be able to identify sales opportunities and take advantage of them.


Ecomist franchisees need to have a sound understanding of budgeting and cashflow management, as well as forecasting, to keep their business operating in a profitable manner.


Running an Ecomist franchise requires full-time commitment of one or more partners to work the territory and grow the business.


Ecomist’s point of difference is the relationship we have with our customers, so understanding that the customer comes first, along with the ability to empathise when needed and respond to customer requests within 24 hours, is very important.


Ecomist franchisees are required to grow their businesses at an agreed rate each year. To do this requires high levels of motivation and the desire to improve the performance of your business from one year to the next through well-executed growth plans.


This is a people-focussed business so Ecomist franchisees need to be able to deal with people from all walks of life, whether they’re your customers or your staff. The ability to network within the community will help your business immensely. 


All Ecomist franchises are existing businesses that have been running for close to 20 years, so new owners are expected to take over and continue growing that existing business. 

They will also be expected to achieve the required pest control qualifications (if they don’t already have them) so they can continue to offer these services.

A national marketing fund operates to advertise and promote the products and help franchisees drive ongoing business growth.

As a responsible franchisor, our ethos is “if you succeed, we succeed”. Ecomist is committed to providing ongoing support to help its franchisees achieve their training and business goals.

Franchises available

There are currently no Ecomist franchises being offered for sale. They are all occupied by happy franchisees, so it is only when an existing franchisee wishes to sell that a territory becomes available.  

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