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Cookright Kitchen Services

Cookright, the kitchen hero, saving kitchens time and money. Deepfryer, overhead filter and hood cleaning. Cooking oil filtering. Oil and kitchen consumables product sales. Cookright has significant income potential with minimal competition for motivated, hard-working, practical operators who can sell and are well organised.

The opportunity

Cookright Kitchen Services provide a range of services and products to commercial kitchens throughout New Zealand. Cookright is the only national network in its field, operating throughout New Zealand from Invercargill to Whangarei.

The business system has operated since 1984, the Cookright system has proven itself to be one with great merit and a solid track history, and as such, we feel confident that in offering our business as a franchise opportunity, we are offering something with real value and potential. Not only do we save kitchens money, we do those jobs that kitchens generally dislike doing because they don’t have the equipment and training required to do it tidily, safely and easily.

The Cookright franchisee is the kitchen hero.

What we do

Cleaning deep fryers and filtering cooking oil is the cornerstone of the business, essentially we ensure that the fry station is ready to go every day so the kitchen staff just walk in and turn it on.

The combination of vat servicing, filtering oil and Cookright long life cooking oil saves the kitchen money and takes away the hassle and risks involved were the kitchen to do it themselves.

Cookright franchisees can also provide a range of other kitchen cleaning services including overhead filters, hoods and general kitchen cleaning.

We also sell a range of products including high quality cooking oils and kitchen consumables.

Last, but certainly not least, we remove waste oil which is then processed into biodiesel.

  • A large potential customer base
  • A range of revenue opportunities
  • A service that saves the customer time and money
  • Convenience, Cookright cleans up quicker and easier
  • A relatively simple business to operate
  • Low overheads
  • Operate from home

For a motivated franchisee the business has considerable potential.

Skills & training

Cookright provides extensive hands-on training, no previous experience is required, however the following general attributes are essential;

  • Positive, ambitious and motivated
    Only people interested in advancing their financial situation need apply, this is not a lifestyle retirement business.
  • Practical & hands-on
    You have to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty and you must work full time in the business.
  • Fit & healthy
    It’s a busy physically demanding working day.
  • Diligent
    We must do a great job every time, otherwise the kitchen will just do it themselves.
  • Be an early starter
    Busy kitchens need to be serviced early in the day.
  • Organised
    Being systematic and efficient are essential to ensure that you succeed.
  • A seller
    You must be comfortable selling, cold calling potential customers and networking with people.
  • Financially astute
    As a business owner you need to manage your cash flow, run your books, prepare reports and manage your debtors.
  • Computer literate
    All reporting, accounting systems and a substantial amount of communication with head office is internet based.

Areas available

Greenfield areas: Northland, Coromandel, Gisborne, Marlborough

Established franchise areas: Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay & Christchurch East             

Franchisee comments

In late 2010 Franchize Consultants Ltd conducted an independent survey of existing franchisees.

“Franchisees believe they are strong relative to their competition and the business model meets the changing demands of the market.”

“Franchisees are satisfied with their decision to invest in Cookright and are optimistic about their future business outlook.” 

Brian McGrail, Cookright Hawkes Bay:

I chose Cookright after comparison with several other franchise businesses. My major requirement was to have direct control and be able to make my own decisions on a day-to-day basis. I wanted a steady income throughout the year with regular ongoing clients and a good income for my efforts, potential for growth, plenty of family time available and a comprehensive training scheme with all the equipment to do the job. I have an excellent relationship with my Master Franchisors and would recommend you give Cookright serious consideration. 

Tony & Tracey Culver, Cookright Wanganui/Marton/Waiouru:

Tracey comments that Cookright is the perfect business partner for them as there are low overheads, with the big added advantage of being their own bosses. Tracey says Tony is able to pop home in between jobs, and on occasions can re-schedule his run to fit in with special events that the children are taking part in. The one thing he and Tracey both enjoy and appreciate the most is being able to spend their weekends with their three young children.


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