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last updated 11/06/2023

Pack & Send acquires local master licensee

last updated 11/06/2023

May 2023 –The Pack & Send New Zealand master licensee company has been acquired by parent company MBE Worldwide

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Pack & Send is a leading courier and freight reseller, providing e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping and packing solutions through its network of 160 stores in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

Pack & Send was brought to New Zealand by Matthew Everest, who became master licensee for the brand in 2008. After opening the first centre in Christchurch, he began franchising. There are now 20 centres around the country, with the brand enjoying considerable business growth in recent years.

Pack & Send NZ will continue to operate as an independent company within New Zealand. The NZ management team will report directly to the management team of Pack & Send in Australia, effectively merging staff across ANZ into one trans-Tasman team.

Direct involvement

‘We are thrilled to welcome Pack & Send NZ under the umbrella of the Pack & Send management team in Australia,’ said Nicholas Woodward, Country Manager of Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd. ‘The direct involvement of Pack & Send in the operation and development of Pack & Send New Zealand will ensure ongoing alignment, drive further efficiency and create opportunities to leverage the economies of scale and experience that Pack & Send enjoys in the larger Australian market. We believe that this will help us improve our offering of value-added shipping and logistics solutions to customers across the Oceanian market.’

Pack & Send closed FY2022 with A$103m of global system-wide revenue, up 13% on the previous year. In 2022, Pack & Send expanded its network territories and opened 11 new stores with no closures. Pack & Send continues to deliver innovative systems and training that give its franchisees the strategic edge required to grow and succeed organically. 

In 2021, Pack & Send was acquired by MBE, a leading commerce-enablement platform providing e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping, marketing and print solutions to SMBs and consumers. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, MBE served over 1 million business customers worldwide generating A$2.0 billion of system-wide Gross Revenue, through its 3,150+ Business Solution Centers in 52 countries. Its brands include PrestaShop, Mail Boxes Etc. (except in the US and Canada), PostNet, Pack & Send,, AlphaGraphics, Multicopy, Print Speak, GEL Proximity and World Options.

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