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last updated 12/05/2020

Helping franchisees through Covid-19

last updated 12/05/2020

How does being part of a franchise help when the unthinkable happens and the whole country goes into lockdown? We’ve been finding out what franchisors are doing for their franchisees.

In our online series Helping Franchisees, we’ve looked at how franchisors are helping franchisees through the current situation. This series of case studies across different industries focuses on the responses of franchise teams to Covid-19 in all sorts of areas from finance and fees to mental health.

Of course, even the best franchisors can’t do everything, but it demonstrates that they really do care about their franchisees – and reinforces the value of being part of a franchise rather than being an isolated independent.

Read each instalment here: 

Helping franchisees #1 – Home Services
Helping franchisees #2 – Cafés & Restaurants
Helping franchisees #3 – Childcare & Education 
Helping franchisees #4 – Business & Commercial
Helping franchisees #5 – the Banker’s View
Helping franchisees #6 – Home & Building
Helping franchisees #7 – Preparing to Re-open
Helping franchisees #8 – Beating the Recession Blues
Helping franchisees #9 – Taking Social Responsibility
Helping Franchisees #10 – The Rise of Online Shopping

More information to help franchisees

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