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by Touch Up Guys

last updated 08/12/2019

Take Pride make Money

by Touch Up Guys

last updated 08/12/2019

New technology helps Touch Up Guys franchisees earn even more

It’s no surprise that Touch Up Guys franchisees take pride in what they do. As New Zealand’s leading mobile service for the repair of stone chips, scratches, bumper scuffs and other cosmetic damage on vehicles of all types, they specialise in restoring the good looks of everything from Porsches to powerboats, with plenty of Toyotas, Nissans and other brands along the way.

The franchise offers both commercial dealers and private customers the maximum convenience by providing its services on-site at home or at work. With the number of cars on NZ roads increasing, there is a steady flow of work for franchisees. Now the franchise has a new piece of equipment designed to produce even better results – and even bigger profits.

‘Throughout its 25-year history, Touch Up Guys has adopted the latest technology as a means of improving franchisee profitability and efficiency,’ says NZ master franchisee Martin Smith. ‘As you can imagine, the ability to accurately match the colour of the vehicle and mix the right paint formula is critical to the success of the Touch Up Guys repair process. That’s why we introduced the latest cutting-edge digital technology from paint manufacturer Akzo Nobel. This is called AMV, and allows franchisees to precisely measure and match the existing colour on any area of a vehicle.’

Less time, less stress, more money

AMV consists of two key elements: Automatchic Vision – a hand-held spectrophotometer that digitally analyses colour; and Automatchic Smart Search – colour retrieval software that provides the optimum formula for matching a colour.

‘The system is intuitive and easy to operate, requiring minimal training to achieve accurate measurements quickly,’ says Martin. ‘Colour readings are translated into the best matching colour formula by the Smart Search software, so the franchisee can achieve the best possible result when they get to work retouching the damage.’

As predicted, AMV saves time and reduces rework, which means more time for new jobs and translates into improved profitability. “And there’s another benefit, too,’ says Martin. ‘Franchisees are more confident in the results, so they’re more relaxed and can do a better job from day one – that’s very important for new franchisees and helps them earn faster.

Guys and girls

A complete Touch Up Guys package costs between $88,000 and $120,000 +gst depending on van leasing options. ‘This includes an exclusive territory, a van fitted out with all the equipment and colour matching technology you need, and a three-week training course on the Gold Coast,’ Martin says.

‘If you take pride in what you do and are comfortable working with your hands, I want to hear from you – now! We need more Touch Up Guys – and girls – in many parts of New Zealand to service this ever-growing market.’

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