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last updated 02/07/2019

McDonald’s NZ announces $100 million restaurant investment

last updated 02/07/2019

2 July 2019 - 15 restaurants planned for five-year growth period

McDonald’s New Zealand has announced plans to open 15 restaurants across the country over the next five years which, combined with renovations to existing restaurants, will result in an investment close to $100 million.

Up to four new restaurants will open in 2019, including one airside at Auckland International Airport, and another at the new Taupiri interchange in the Waikato region. The restaurant at Taupiri is in a high-traffic growth corridor location, while the airside restaurant at Auckland Airport complements the existing restaurants in the international and domestic departure and arrival halls and on Tom Pearce Drive.

An additional 10 restaurants will undergo major refurbishments, updating interior and exterior designs, with digital menu boards and self-service ordering systems. McCafé remodels, the upgrade of Drive-Thrus and Playlands will also be undertaken. The planned restaurants and additional refurbishments will result in an estimated $13 million spend this year alone.

Selection criteria for new restaurant sites include the need for a freestanding restaurant with space to offer a dual lane Drive-Thru and ample car parking to make visits as easy as possible for customers. Visibility and proximity to trade generators is also considered, as is the potential market share in an area, taking in to account population and passing traffic.

‘Investing in new McDonald’s restaurants and refurbishments is an important part of our efforts to give our customers the best possible dining experience,’ says Dave Howse, McDonald’s New Zealand Managing Director. ‘We’re planning to open three new restaurants a year for the next five years, and are looking for sites that align with our criteria.’

‘McDonald’s consistently works with franchisees to bring our restaurants in line with the latest innovations and our highest standards of convenience and customer experience. The dual lane Drive-Thru, for example, helps us to take orders faster so customers get their food quicker, which is why the sites we select for new restaurants must allow us to offer this service.’

‘We prefer to work with local contractors through remodel and construction processes wherever possible,’ says Dave. ‘We’re proud of the fact that in 2018 we created around 500 new jobs for Kiwis, and each new build will create approximately 50-75 new restaurant jobs over the next five years.’

McDonald’s NZ invested $20 million building five new restaurants in 2018. The company currently employs over 10,000 people in restaurants nationwide, and is one of the country’s largest employers of youth.

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