Upcoming Events

by Simon Lord

last updated 28/01/2021

Events around the country

by Simon Lord

last updated 28/01/2021

Find details of Franchise Association and other franchise events in your region and online

The Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ) organises regular events all round the country to encourage all those with an interest in franchising to get together, learn more about the issues involved and share ideas and experiences. New visitors are always welcome and are often surprised at the level of openness and support from experienced franchisors and specialist advisors. There’s also a guest speaker to address specific topics of mutual interest.

A number of other specialists also hold franchising seminars and workshops. Here are some events already planned for 2021 - click on the links for more details and registration


May 2021  Franchise Awards entries open
30 June - 2 July  National Franchise Conference, Hamilton
30 October  Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards, Auckland


2-11 February  Introduction to Franchising for head office staff***
24 February and 2 March  Field Visit Foundations**
9 March and 16 March  Improving Franchisee Performance**
16-25 March  Effective Franchise Recruitment***
23 March and 30 March  Franchise Business Planning**


22 February  FANZ Twilight Session
12-13 April  Managing a Franchise System**
13 April  FANZ Sunrise Session




30 June - 2 July 2021  National Franchise Conference

New Plymouth


Bay of Plenty




* Event run by Franchise Relationships Institute

** Event run by Franchize Consultants

***Event run by Franchise Advisory Centre

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