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by Simon Lord

last updated 01/09/2017

Learn from NZ's top franchisors - Podcast & Video

by Simon Lord

last updated 01/09/2017

August 2017 – An experienced panel of New Zealand franchisors explored the 2017 National Franchise Conference theme of innovation, integration and resilience in business, sharing some vivid examples from their own experiences

Over 160 people attended the sold-out Franchise Conference in Hamilton to be enlightened, entertained, encouraged and enthused by a line-up of international speakers and representatives of some of New Zealand’s top franchise brands. The theme this year was Innovation, Integration, Resilience and a panel of franchisors met on the first day to speak openly and frankly about some of the innovations and challenges they have faced in the relation to the franchise brands they work with.

 Interviewer, Simon Lord of Franchise New Zealand Media, drew the panel out on a number of questions such as:

  • the biggest, best and worst performing innovations in their franchise systems in the past 5 years
  • severe challenges and disasters faced, along with recovery strategies and learnings
  • processes for generation, testing and measuring of innovative ideas in their franchise systems
  • integration of new innovations in franchise systems, getting franchisees on board
  • integration of good employment practices in franchise networks
  • working with an increasing number of franchisees who have English as their second language
  • funding initiatives and structures to support new franchisees in the system

You can listen to the podcast in full here - Innovation Panel Podcast 2017

Or watch some of the highlights on video here - Innovation Panel Video 2017

The four panellists were:
Garry Croft – Muffin Break & Jamaica Blue
Alan Heatlie – Guthrie Bowron
Stan Van Der Ham – Mister Minit
Richard Prout – Dream Doors

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