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by Simon Lord

last updated 05/07/2017

Tourette’s campaign proves Kiwis really do #GiveATic

by Simon Lord

last updated 05/07/2017

5 July 2017 – Hell has raised nearly $50,000 to ensure that more families living with Tourette’s can attend “life-changing” Camp Twitch this year
Attendees at last year's Camp Twitch sent a big 'thank you' to Hell for visiting with a mobile kitchen and letting them loose on their own pizza creations

Hell was delighted to announce the huge success of its #GiveATic campaign, which raised $48,603 by donating a dollar for every double pizza sold, in what was one of the busiest weeks in Hell history.

The campaign ran from 26 June to 2 July, following a TVNZ documentary – Camp Twitch – which highlighted the stories of children and young adults around New Zealand suffering from Tourette’s.

‘We have a real passion for supporting underdog causes,’ said Hell general manager Ben Cumming. ‘Ever since our founders Callum Davies and Stuart McMullin attended last year’s Camp Twitch and experienced attendees’ stories first-hand, we were all inspired to do what we could to help.

‘We’re stoked that so many of our loyal customers were equally as moved after watching the documentary and backed that up by getting behind the campaign.’

Robyn Twemlow, founder and executive director of TANZ, said she was, ‘Gobsmacked that the nation was so moved by our story.’

‘We are thrilled that Hell believed in us and are overwhelmed by the number of people who posted on both Hell’s and our Facebook pages – the support and positive messages were mind-blowing and so encouraging. Thank you just doesn’t cover it.’

The money raised means that this year more than 60 families can attend Camp Twitch – a five-day event that offers support to those living with Tourette’s – at a fraction of the cost, and has allowed TANZ to invite four families who have recently encountered tough times to attend the camp for free.

‘At our first camp in 2014, we even had a woman in her sixties who had spent her life thinking she was the only person in NZ with Tourette’s – that’s a very long time to be isolated,’ said Robyn. ‘Camp Twitch is incredibly important for the personal development of the mostly young attendees. It really can be a life-changing experience and with Hell’s support, more people can attend this year than ever before.’

About TANZ

The Tourette’s Association of New Zealand (TANZ) is a registered charity in New Zealand, who’s  mission it is to help and support New Zealand children, teenagers and adults diagnosed with  Tourette’s and the family members, caregivers and friends who care for them, while promoting  tolerance and acceptance within the community. TANZ is also lobbying the Ministry of Health to have Tourette’s reclassified as a disability rather than a life-long chronic disorder.

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