NZ to cut migrant residency numbers

posted on 11th October 2016

The government has moved to make it tougher for would-be migrants to gain residency under the skilled migrant and family sponsored categories. It plans 5,000 fewer approvals over the next two years (a reduction of just over 5 percent) with the number of points required for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category be raised from 140 to 160 points.

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Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse today announced that there would be fewer residence approvals planned for the next two years to 85,000-95,000, down from 90,000-100,000.

'Increasing the points required to gain residence from 140 to 160 will moderate the growth in applications in the Skilled Migrant Category and enable us to lower the overall number of migrants gaining residence,' Woodhouse said.

'Changes to the Family Category, including temporarily closing the Parent Category to new applications, will also reduce the total number of migrants being granted residence.'

Around half of those approved under the residence programme came through the skilled migrant category.


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