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Burger Wisconsin

At Burger Wisconsin it's always been about the food. And now is an exciting time to join us, with new sites planned throughout New Zealand and an existing store refresh programme underway. It's a gourmet opportunity for operators with good taste.

It's always been about the food!

It's been that way for more than two decades, since we began creating gourmet burgers, using the freshest and finest local ingredients we could source.

Our first Burger Wisconsin store opened its doors in the Wellington suburb of Wadestown in 1989. Our name Burger Wisconsin, which reflects Wisconsin, USA’s title ‘Home of the Hamburger’. It was the original NZ gourmet burger store and introduced combinations such as Avocado & Bacon and Camembert & Cranberry to the New Zealand takeaway market.

The opportunity

Our businesses are based on local franchisees, working in their local communities, to deliver fresh, healthy, gourmet burgers to our loyal customers. Supported by a household New Zealand brand name and franchise system rejuvenated by a new experienced franchisor. In February 2015, Mariposa Restaurant Holdings, the company behind the Mexicali Fresh, purchased the Burger Wisconsin Franchise System with a view to refresh the existing stores and expand the brand footprint through-out New Zealand.

We believe that our food should be as healthy as great taste allows. We’ve combed the country to source beautiful fresh ingredients from reputable NZ suppliers who understand our fresh, natural and top quality supply needs and who share our healthy planet philosophy on sustainability. Our ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ ethos is applied all our stores.

Areas available

New franchise opportunities exist through New Zealand, contact us today for more information.

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