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New Zealand franchise Autoblast has perfected a new method of vehicle underbody rust removal and rust prevention. We are seeking partners who firstly believe in customer service excellence, and who have an appreciation for all things automotive and their aesthetics.

The Opportunity 

In the early 2000’s Autoblast founder Dave Kirkham saw the need for a specialist rust removal and coating service in New Zealand, after attending to an endless line-up of rusty UK and Japanese imports.  Working in vehicle import certification, he saw first-hand the damage that rust could cause to the underbody of well-made vehicles, which would see them prematurely retired, well before their use by date. 

New Zealand is an island nation where 80% of the population live, work and play within high corrosion zones, causing premature rust on vehicles due to sea spray, salt water and salt-laden air. 

Over the past 16 years Dave and his Autoblast team have created custom systems to repair damaged chassis/subframes and developed processes proven to significantly increase underbody  rust resistance and keep vehicles looking brand new for longer. 

As demand continues to grow, and enquiries come in from around New Zealand and further afield, Autoblast has taken the next step and bottled its vast expertise, systems and processes so that more kiwis can access this service and receive these benefits:

  • Removal of rust and application of various underbody recoating systems
  • Ensure ongoing compliance 
  • Enjoy coastal recreation activities without risk of premature damage to their vehicle
  • Keep new vehicles perfect for longer
  • Ensure long term protection against underbody rust
  • Achieve a higher resale value for vehicles with the Autoblast stamp of protection
  • Keep drivers and their companions safe

Autoblast has done the hard yards and determined that there is significant demand for this service and has worked with franchising experts including the FANZ chair, to develop a complete franchise framework for the successful roll-out of new branches. 

Skills & Training 

Training will be provided in aspects of running an Autoblast franchise.  The business model is suited to someone who will work in the business.

There are key attributes we are seeking in someone who is considering taking on an Autoblast franchise:

  • Someone who truly cares about the customer, and enjoys providing an amazing experience. 
  • Someone who might regard themselves as a “lifelong petrol head” or someone who has an appreciation for all things automotive and their aesthetics 
  • Preferable but not essential - Engineering - an understanding of vehicle construction and/or metals and machinery
  • Preferable but not essential - Management/leadership experience
  • Preferable but not essential  - Personal or professional experience dealing with problems from rust impacting on vehicles, possibly as a mechanic or panel beater 

Areas Available 

  • Auckland West
  • Auckland South
  • Auckland East
  • Christchurch North
  • Christchurch South
  • Hamilton
  • Tauranga
  • Wellington


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Order a Print Copy