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Oxygen8 Consulting

This is a unique opportunity to take charge of your own future as part of a business consulting firm. Work independently but not by yourself. Build your own portfolio of clients whilst working alongside a highly experienced consulting team. Proven system, excellent training and support.

The opportunity

Looking for a change from the corporate world or your current career or business? Sick of office politics, staff and traffic? Time to spend more time with your family and not have to apply for annual leave?

This is an opportunity to own your own lifestyle business with an excellent income to match.

We are looking for people to join our growing network as consultants to assist business owners nationwide – one of the bonuses is that you can be based and work from anywhere in NZ.

Most business owners are not trained to run a business - they are usually skilled in their area of expertise however often lack the overall business knowledge that ensures ongoing growth, stability, and maximum profitability.

You will be supported by excellent business systems, consulting tools and client acquisition processes to help locate your potential clients and give you every opportunity to build a highly rewarding income.

Please have a look at the client testimonial video below to get an idea of what our business is all about

If you are motivated and passionate about business, and have an inbuilt desire to help business owners while creating a rewarding income and lifestyle for yourself – then this opportunity will be for you.

To find out more please apply via our website: https://oxygen8.co.nz/become-consultant

Skills we are looking for

In general people who have the following key leadership competencies and skills make for excellent Oxygen8 consultants:

  • Good general NZ business knowledge
  • Confident and an ability to sign up new business (Our systems & support really help here)
  • Strong commercial acumen
  • Able to back yourself with intelligence and practicality
  • Empathy and the ability to be a good listener – it seems all the puzzles and opportunities have personal keys to figure out, unlock and settle
  • Excellent communication skills

Training & support

Initial training will cover 6 days (3 days the first week with one week off to “get things going”, then a final 3 days the next week (timing can vary to fit in with individual circumstances). Training is very inclusive with highly experienced partners involved who are able to put real experiences and outcomes into the programme. No one will get left behind.

The most important part of consulting is client acquisition because once out of training you need clients to earn an income. Our Client Acquisition system is based on the trial and error of others over the years; as a result you get trained on acquisition strategies that work. We will have a real emphasis on this area to enable you to have confidence to go out there and start signing clients.

Under the Firm structure, training/feedback and implementation of new ideas is an ongoing process. We are always looking for ways to improve.

Watch our video

Areas available

Opportunities available nationwide (North & South Island).

Franchisee comments

Gary Nel (Auckland) – “The Oxygen8 systems are excellent, it makes it easy for me to just go out and do the consulting and help my clients. I also really enjoy the supportive team environment - they always bring new things to the table to help us to be the best and deliver the best results. They are a good bunch of people to have a beer with.”

Nev Vujcic (Northland) – “I couldn’t have been happier with what Oxygen8 has provided me and how things have gone. If you follow the Oxygen8 systems and don’t try to reinvent them - then you can’t go wrong. The work and lifestyle balance is perfectly matched to what I’m looking for – it’s easy to make my consulting work fit in with my lifestyle. And it’s fun!” 

Susan Cooney (Whangarei) – “I really love being part of a progressive team that works together – I look forward to our team meetings. I appreciate the collaborative approach – however we have independence to get on and grow as well as manage our own portfolio of clients.”

Sanj Govind (Auckland) – “I really enjoy working with my clients and being part of the Oxygen8 team. It has allowed me to take a step back and have more focused family time given the flexibility of how we manage our clients using the Oxygen8 systems. The fact that I can help more than one business owner at a time and make a positive impact is just a fantastic feeling. The support within the Oxygen8 ecosystem means I can have the best of being my own boss while still having professionals to talk with.”

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."
― Leonardo da Vinci

To find out more please apply via our website: https://oxygen8.co.nz/become-consultant

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