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Crest PropertyCare

If you have handyman skills, or are good with outside jobs, a Crest PropertyCare franchise may suit. We provide caretaking services to businesses and schools, looking after exterior areas around buildings, grounds and doing simple property maintenance duties. Franchises are available nationwide.

Our caretakers have a trade or a handyman background. They are trained in the safe operation of their equipment and to carry out their tasks with safe systems of work.

Crest PropertyCare provides schools with a viable alternative to directly employing a caretaker. We also help our cleaning customers to maintain and present their properties and grounds to high standards.

We look after lawns, grounds, facilities care, maintenance, gardening, repairs, recycling, water blasting, moss control, and scheduled maintenance duties.

How does a Crest PropertyCare franchise operate?

Our Property Care franchisees are provided with contracted customers to an agreed level of gross turnover. The contracts are organised by Crest, and the franchisee performs the various services. Franchisees manage their own time and schedules, and they liaise with the customer to plan specific jobs.

At schools, the caretaking and maintenance tasks are defined as a schedule of duties, with regular, seasonal and periodic tasks. The schedule of duties forms the basis for an annual service contract. Franchisees are inducted to the premises, and supported to ensure that the tasks are performed well and the customer is kept happy.

Franchisees are remunerated twice per month for the contracted services that they have performed. Crest also prepares and files GST returns, prepares annual accounts and files your tax return to keep your business complaint.

What sort of customers do we have?

Typically our customers are schools, businesses and organisations. Our schools caretaking service works really well, the schools are happy to have the caretaking performed under a contract basis. At larger schools we have a team of several Property Care franchisees who work together on the job.

Crest takes a consultative approach to pricing our services. We can come up with the appropriate package to suit their maintenance and presentation requirements.

What type of skills are required?

Our caretakers may have a trade background, or be a person with ‘handyman’ skills. Familiarity with tools and the ability to fix or repair routine items is an advantage. We look after grounds so lawn mowing and weed eating are regular duties. Lots of general outdoor tasks are part of the business, as well as interfacing with other maintenance services. We need people that are self-managing, and who can organise the tasks and duties in a sensible manner.

All franchisees are trained in the safe operation of their equipment and to carry out their tasks whilst minimising any risks. When we set up a contract we make sure we identify and document the Site Specific Health and Safety systems.

Health and safety

Crest PropertyCare has a documented Health and Safety system based around the core duties and tasks undertaken. We assess the Site Specific risks and build in controls to minimise any danger to our customers, the public and our personnel. We provide comprehensive Health and Safety documentation. Our property caretakers are:

  • Self-managing to a schedule of duties
  • Health and safety compliant
  • Security vetted
  • Competent and responsible

Caretaking for schools

Crest PropertyCare provides schools with a viable alternative to directly employing a caretaker.

The traditional caretaker has become an anachronism these days, and many existing caretakers are operating outside of the current workplace Health and Safety compliances. All too often hazardous tasks are being performed by people without the correct equipment or risk controls.

Some tasks are best left to outside contractors, with the caretaker working around the hazardous tasks. For example, working at heights beyond access and short duration works is deemed a high risk activity, and proper working platforms must now be used. So working at height is best left to contractors who have specific Health and Safety training and the correct equipment to undertake these tasks.

We supply a trained and capable Property Care franchisee who is introduced to the school and inducted to the tasks identified in the schedule of duties. Time is set aside for repairs, maintenance and attending to incidents. The schedule of duties forms the basis for an annual service on a contract arrangement.

We document a tools register to ensure we have all the required and certified equipment, and we can assist the school to manage the sale or disposal of the old, non-functional equipment. We also clean up the caretakers’ areas, sheds and storage areas.

For further information and to request a Crest PropertyCare franchise information pack, please contact us.

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