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Snap Fitness

The franchise of a Snap Fitness offers the security of an internationally recognized brand and has proven that innovation is the key to brand agility as it aims to provide the most rewarding fitness experience in the world.

Snap Fitness first began franchising in 2004, back in Minnesota, USA. Since the company’s establishment in New Zealand in 2010, the premium 24/7 fitness club has gone from strength to strength.

With over 2000 clubs globally of which 210 clubs are operating across Australia and another 56 in New Zealand, Snap Fitness offers the security of an internationally recognised brand and has proven that innovation is the key to brand agility as it provides the most rewarding fitness experience in the world. With over 20 clubs in development in Australia and New Zealand, a Snap Fitness franchise is a great opportunity for potential franchisees to enter into an established yet growing brand.

Snap Fitness product offering

Snap Fitness offers premium 24/7 fitness clubs, with the main advantage of Snap Fitness being that they have the potential to add many different features and services in order to remain competitive against major ‘big box’ clubs and their traditional competitors.

Many of the clubs offer a full range of services including group-fitness classes, personal training and child minding. Every Snap Fitness club has state of the art free weights and cardiovascular equipment from Matrix, Techno Gym or Cybex.

Snap Fitness provides their members with high value at a lower cost. The company aims to add fun to fitness - with 6-week transformation challenges, Myzone challenges, and social events to attract a wide range of customers.

All clubs are fitted out with Myzone technology, which allows members to achieve greater results through an innovative heart-rate based system that allows members to monitor their heart rate, calories and effort, with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. Snap Fitness has also recently launched Myzone Myfit 24/7 Functional workouts providing members the flexibility to complete a high-intensity express functional workout any time of the day.

The Snap Fitness franchisee

When it comes to the ‘perfect’ Snap Fitness franchisee, it’s not one size fits all. The company’s franchise partners come from a broad range of areas. 

Some attributes Snap Fitness look for in potential franchisees include:

  • Ideally, an owner operator – not necessary in a full-time capacity, but driven to be hands-on and a connect with their business and corporate head office. They usually connect in with their Club Manager at least once per day
  • Previous business experience
  • A passion for changing lives
  • Self-motivated
  • Motivated by results
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passionate about embracing a Global Brand and buying into a Global Franchise system.
  • Personal worth around $500K nett [MOU1] to meet finance approval
  • Franchisee’s don’t necessarily have to be fitness enthusiasts however there are many in the Franchise network who are.

Skills & training

Snap Fitness have a fully dedicated franchise sales, real-estate and brand performance team allocated to each club to assist from the first franchise enquiry through to finding the right location and opening the doors to your new club, as well as ongoing management and operations processes and support. The company runs an internal workshop called Snap Fitness University, which is a 4-day intensive program that is open to new franchisees and club managers plus there is ongoing face-to-face education training, webinars and an annual Snap Fitness Summit which provides Franchisees the opportunity to learn from and connect with other Franchisee’s and suppliers through a ‘ONE TEAM’ approach.

It is achievable for a club to hit 1000 members within the first 12 months of trade, making a Snap Fitness franchise an attractive prospect. After those initial 12 months, the focus is to retain the members with a great club culture, which is a key focus for the brand. This assists franchisees in achieving more growth in the second 12 months of business.

Territories available

Many territories are available across New Zealand

There are currently Snap Fitness franchise locations available across New Zealand. The next main focus is to have presence in Rotorua, Whangarei and Taupo, however there are still other opportunities across the country.

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