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Anchor Franchise

Market leader in sales and distribution of diary products and beverages throughout New Zealand including Anchor, Primo, Mammoth Mainland and Kapiti. National franchise structure operating since 1992 offering exclusive territories. Looking for business and sales acumen with hard work can-do attitudes and leadership skills.

The opportunity

When you take one of New Zealand’s most trusted and oldest brands and connect it with a supportive kiwi community you have a recipe for success, good health and great growth.

The Anchor Franchise is operated as part of Fonterra Brands (New Zealand) Ltd (FBNZ), which is owned by Fonterra.

The Anchor Franchise was established after deregulation in 1992 to manage and support a franchised system of milk distribution for FBNZ.

The strength of the franchised operation comes from the vast resources, which FBNZ can call upon in order to support and assist each of the Franchisees. The Franchisees also benefit from an extensive corporate marketing programme supported by the Anchor Brand and other leading products such as Primo, Mammoth and Mainland.

Anchor Franchises provide local communities with a great range of Anchor Products and Foods on trucks. Anchor Franchises are providing these in-demand products to local schools, dairies, service stations and a range of retailers.

Right now we’re looking for someone to become an owner, or as we call them – ‘local legend’ in particular regions of New Zealand.

This provides you with the chance to build a local business with scale and opportunity for growth and further acquisition.

You will bring business acumen, hard work, leadership, sales and distribution skills to the table, as well as capital requirements ranging from $750,000 upwards. In return you will be supported by Fonterra Brands NZ Ltd and their significant national advertising strategy. You will be guided at a regional level with a Regional Sales Manager and also have a Franchise Business Consultant available to support you.

Opportunities like this don’t come along often, so take this chance to join the group.

Skills & training

Our Anchor franchisees undergo an extensive 8-week induction programme with existing franchisees and FBNZ Head Office staff prior to commencing transition of the franchise that they are purchasing. The training programme offers a degree of flexibility as individual people have different needs and are working to different time frames.

During the training period, you will be required to attend a five-day induction course at FBNZ in Auckland. During the initial training, you will be required to become familiar with the franchise specific systems.

The franchise team will then work with new franchisees to ensure a smooth transition into the business. This will involve completion and implementation of an annual business plan. Attendance at ongoing training programmes will be required throughout the franchise tenure.

Following the completion of the training period the incoming franchisee is required to spend a minimum of three weeks with the outgoing franchisee to ensure that all aspects of the business are handed over in detail so that the new franchisee is ready to operate independently from their first day.

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Franchisee comments

Every Anchor franchisee is encouraged to get out into their community as often as possible, along with their staff,’ says Chris. ‘Having real enthusiasm for supporting local events, local organisations and local schools is good for the community and great for a franchisee’s business growth.’

Chris Lucas is a big fan of Fonterra Milk for Schools, which brings back another great tradition in supplying free milk to primary schools across the country. Over 170,000 Kiwi kids are now enjoying milk every day, helping them stay strong, healthy and ready to learn. Chris’s support for the programme saw him help to choose a West Auckland primary school to host Fonterra Milk for Schools’ first birthday party.

One of the highlights for me was meeting Richie McCaw, who joined in the celebrations at Avondale Primary as Fonterra’s ambassador,’ Chris recalls.

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