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The electric bike business is growing rapidly with thousands of Kiwis switching to e-bikes for transport and recreation. Electrify.nz is New Zealand’s only nationwide e-bike specialist retailer. We are looking for people with passion and ambition to partner with us to grow the electrify.nz network in key locations around New Zealand.

The opportunity

The electric bike business is growing at an astounding pace. People in New Zealand are buying e-bikes in their thousands, to get to work and to ride the trails. But we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. In the Netherlands, the value of e-bike sales now exceeds that of regular bikes.

Electrify.nz has secured rights to some of the world’s top e-bike brands, with a particular focus on quality and European design.

After successfully opening ten outlets in the last two years, we are now recruiting for other locations around New Zealand. In particular, key opportunities remain in Napier/Hastings, Rotorua/Taupo and New Plymouth. You will have exclusive rights within your territory to the electrify.nz brand and business model, together with access to top international e-bike products including exclusive model lines. Through sales and perhaps rentals, you will have the opportunity to develop a successful and rewarding business that makes a difference and fits with your lifestyle.

Skills & training

Our business model means that our licensee’s success is our success. We make money by selling bikes, not from high franchise fees. Our team in Auckland and Hamilton (where our distribution centre is based) will work hard to help you build and grow your business.

We provide training, 7-day support, extensive documentation and a turnkey business model that includes nationwide support around marketing, accounting and other systems.

Our ideal licensees will combine a passion for the product with a strong customer focus and mechanical aptitude. Training will be providing on electrical and other technical aspects.

Areas available

Auckland West, Rotorua/Taupo, Napier/Hastings, New Plymouth, Queenstown/lakes and other regional locations.

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