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LINK are the authority on selling businesses in NZ and the southern hemisphere. Franchised specialists in business sales, franchise re-sales and recruitment and sales of franchise opportunities. We provide professional, practical franchise advice to our clients. LINK has more brokers than any other brokerage.

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LINK - the authority on selling businesses.

If you are a franchisor, you’ll know that the success of your business relies heavily on the quality of your franchisees. The right person in the right place, at the right time, is crucial. Finding the right person is an exacting task. We know, that is what we do at LINK. If things aren’t done “just right” it can be a very long and difficult process, and can have adverse results further down the track. 

LINK’s franchise division specialises in the sale of business format franchises. With a combination of the best franchisee selection skills and the best business broking skills, we are the only franchise recruitment agency of our kind in New Zealand. Our role is to present the information about your business in a very systematic and professional manner, and to target, test and recruit franchisees to match your profile. LINK recruits franchisees nationwide for selected franchisors that have well documented systems.

Being a division of a major business brokerage we have a constant number of people contacting our company looking to buy a business. Your franchise opportunity is promoted to thousands of buyers who come in contact with our company. These are people who are not just thinking about buying a franchise but individuals who are genuine buyers, along with companies looking for opportunities to expand their business.

We are currently recruiting franchisees for:

  • Greenfield sites in new territories
  • Conversions of existing independent businesses to franchises
  • Existing company/franchisor owned outlets
  • Resales of established franchise businesses 

The following are just some of the items that a serious franchisor should take into consideration when planning to recruit franchisees.

Profile of the Franchisee Required 

Careful consideration must go into building up the profile of your “perfect franchisee”. Profiles differ enormously from franchise to franchise so a good deal of thought must be put in to determine the right skills and characteristics your franchisees will need. LINK has the experience and knowledge to assist you in developing the profile for your franchise system as well as target, test and recruit franchisees to match your profile.

Recruiting Strategy  

Once you know who you are looking for you will also know where to look. Determine where you want to aim your efforts and at what speed. Do you want to radiate out from a central point or do you want to locate franchises in certain strategic locations around the country and then fill in the gaps? Your recruiting strategy will need to be tied in with an appropriate advertising and promotional programme that targets the people you need to attract.

Documentation - this is a vital area 

Your documents must befit the image of your company in terms of presentation and information contained therein must be very carefully considered. This information must attract quality prospects but also paint a true picture of the opportunity available and not adversely expose the franchisor to liability at some time in the future.

Advertising Budget 

When embarking on finding the right franchisees you need to have well presented advertisements and a marketing plan designed to attract the right type of people. LINK’s experience in designing and developing marketing and business plans will assist in advising you on the best strategy suited for your franchise.


All prospective franchise applicants must be subject to the same recruitment process, and receive the same level of information at the same stages within the process. A comprehensive Assessment Form should be developed so that accurate, comparative conclusions can be drawn. LINK approaches the recruiting of franchisees in a well planned, systematic manner to ensure that you get the right people as your franchise owners.

Please call us to discuss in detail how LINK can help you in the development and growth of your franchise.

Contact details

Website www.linkbusiness.co.nz

LINK- Auckland, Ellerslie -

Laurel  McCulloch  021 786 813   laurelm@linkbusiness.co.nz

Nick Stevens          021 641 978  nicks@linkbusiness.co.nz

LINK- Bay Of Plenty & Waikato -

Theresa Eagle       021-289-0949   theresae@linkbusiness.co.nz

LINK- Christchurch & South Island-

Brian Pankhurst    021 334 865   brianp@linkbusiness.co.nz

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