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last updated 20/06/2023

More speakers announced for Franchise Conference

last updated 20/06/2023

June 2023 – The impact of AI and Chat GPT on franchising will be among the topics discussed at this year's National Franchise Conference in Christchurch. The expanded list of speakers includes local and international experts

Kari Jones of Woolworths NZ will address the impact of Artificial Intelligence on franchising

The National Franchise Conference 2023 will take a refreshing approach to give franchisors and franchisees what they need to meet the challenges and explore possibilities to drive new opportunities.

‘Franchise people are renowned for their enthusiasm and friendliness,’ says Robyn Pickerill, CEO of the Franchise Association of New Zealand, which organises the Conference. ‘Every year we get comments from newcomers who are blown away by the welcome they get, the people they meet and the information they take away.

‘We have built on that with a unique conference format that encourages the open sharing of knowledge and experience through keynote speakers, workshops, interactive discussion forums and networking opportunities. Franchisors and key staff from all franchises or businesses with an interest in franchising from across New Zealand are invited – see

The Conference takes place at Te Pae, Christchurch, from 27-29 August. Some of this year’s highlights include:

International insights. Peter Holt is COO of The Joint Corp and has over 30 years’ multi-store and franchise experience in the USA. Bill Edwards is a US-based global franchise advisor whose monthly newsletter is essential reading, and ranks New Zealand as one of the most attractive destinations in the world for franchise companies. Both will be attending the conference in person and are keen to meet local franchisors.

Business leadership. Bruce Cotterill led real estate franchise Colliers in both New Zealand and Australia, and has extensive experience helping companies maximise performance and profitability. Bryn Harrison is CEO of Carpet Court, one of New Zealand’s best-known franchise brands. A panel of experienced franchise leaders will also share their perspectives of franchising trends, challenges and opportunities in 2023 in a don’t-miss panel session.

Artificial Intelligence in franchising. With AI and ChatGPT increasingly being integrated into business processes, how do franchisors and franchisees embrace the technology to achieve competitive advantage or even simply keep up with competitors? A fireside chat facilitated by Samantha Jones of Cookie Time with Kari Jones, General Manager – Analytics and Insights for Woolworths NZ, and Associate Professor Elsamari Botha of the University of Canterbury Business School, will address some of these key issues and provide practical insights covering not only the opportunity but also the pitfalls.

The franchisee’s perspective. A panel of franchisees will share the challenges and opportunities facing them at the coalface, and discuss the types of support which they find valuable and how it contributes to their success.

Protecting franchising. Around the world, the franchise business model is being impacted by increasing regulations. Australia has seen already sweeping legislative changes. NZ is not immune, so learn about the gradual creep into NZ legislation, what actions we should take and how you can support FANZ’s vision.

Legal updates. A panel of specialists will provide key legal updates and a refresh on best practice for franchise systems in important and topical areas currently impacting franchising.

Inspiration. An Afghan refugee who fled the Taliban, closing speaker Abbas Nazari was one of the asylum seekers rescued by the MV Tampa in 2001. Settling in New Zealand, he went on to win a Fulbright Scholarship.

‘The 2023 Conference will be one of the most important yet for franchising in New Zealand,’ says Robyn. ‘To register, go to and be inspired and supported in the world of franchising.’

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