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last updated 20/10/2021

Survey of Franchising under way – franchisors please help

last updated 20/10/2021

30 September 2021 - The 2021 Survey of Franchising will provide vital information for the sector. How can franchisors help, and why does it matter?

It’s four years since the 2017 Survey of Franchising confirmed New Zealand as the most franchised country in the world, and it’s time to update the statistics. After Covid delayed the planned Survey last year, the researchers from Massey University are looking to franchisors to help build as large and accurate a picture of the sector as possible.

The questionnaire is being sent out via email and aims to gather data on all franchise systems operating in New Zealand.

‘An accurate and up-to-date Survey is vital to inform Government, legislators, media and the general public about the powerful contribution franchising makes to the economy of New Zealand,’ says Robyn Pickerill, CEO of FANZ. ‘It also provides crucial benchmarking information to help franchisors compare their performance in key areas, such as franchisee longevity and dispute resolution, so it’s in everyone’s interests to take part – FANZ members and non-members alike.’

The research team led by researcher Professor Jonathan Elms is emailing the questionnaire link out to franchisors from 30 September and the whole Survey can be completed online. If you are a franchisor and do not receive your link, please contact or and it will be sent to you.

'When you start completing the questionnaire, it will help to have some information at hand – for example, the date the business began franchising; the number of franchisee-owned and company-owned units; overall brand turnover and so on – but you can pause the Survey and return later if you need to gather information or get tied up in a busy day,' says Robyn.

‘It’s important to stress that no company names are taken and all data is totally confidential. In fact, all information is aggregated to get an overall picture of activity in the franchising sector. 

‘We know there are lots of surveys these days, but this is important for the whole franchise sector so please do take the time to share your thoughts.’

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